Why Blog?

After several efforts and proddings by my minister son, I have decided to enter the 21st century blogosphere.  This will not be a blog for meaningless chit-chat of a personal nature, but a blog to inform and educate readers on current events and issues of personal and wide-ranging significance that either impact or will impact your life and lives of those you care about.  Some of the focus areas will be in the realm of religion, politics, economics, Islam, immigration, abortion and much more.  While much of the blog will be my personal opinion and insight, I will also research certain areas and provide resources and links whenever possible.  My initial goal is to update the blog once/week, more frequently as time permits.  I encourage you to take a gander by clicking on the “blog” link below.  I promise that you will read timely information that will challenge your thinking and perspective on the world around you – your neighborhood, state, country and globe.


One Response to “Why Blog?”

  1. William Jones Says:

    Dr. Gauss
    Our Presbyterian men’s group here in Goodyear, Arizona have read your book on Christianity & Islam with great interest and have held discussions based on your writings. I am wondering if i would ever be possible for you to come to our church as a speaker?

    William Jones

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