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Author-Endorsed Student Edition

August 20, 2020

Author-Endorsed Student Edition (Limited Copies)


Author-Endorsed Copy

Prepare your high school student (and you as a parent) for the world ahead and help your child to be prepared to not only defend their Christian beliefs, but witness to Muslims with the Gospel of Christ.

This is an excellent addition for your home library and Biblical resources.  Ideal for juniors and seniors and essential for any student going off to college or university (even Christian schools).

In 2018, Pew Research released a poll in which it was disclosed that of Americans converting to Islam a whopping 77% were raised in Christian homes. We cannot let America’s children fall prey to Islamic proselytizing on college campuses or elsewhere.

Understanding Islam in the Light of Christianity is a direct and thorough comparison of the Messenger, Message and Mission of the Qur’an and the Bible.  Over 550 pages of essential information for every college prep and college student.

  • Almost 350 chapter review questions.
  • Section review charts and comparisons.
  • Dozens of maps, charts and tables of information.
  • Full color presentation.
  • “Dig Deeper” challenges for each chapter.
  • Ten Addendums of additional information.
  • Hundreds of references and additional resources.
  • Over 300 key references.
  • One thousand-plus Biblical and Qur’anic citations in bold type for easy reference.

The only true and honest textbook on Islam available today that is essential for every student heading to college or in college.  You are not likely to find this frank discussion of Islam on college or university campuses.

Size: 7 x 10; 552 pp; full color; $59.95 (hard cover); Your price: $39.95 (see below)

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Your book [Understanding Islam in the Light of Christianity] is the finest and most thorough analysis I have ever seen of the teachings of the Quran in comparison to the Bible. It is a treasure trove of biblical truth, theological insight, and practical application.
My granddaughter is using it in her Global Studies class on Islam this very semester. I think a college-level text book version would be very helpful.
Dr. Ed Hindson
Founding Dean | Distinguished Professor of Religion
John W. Rawlings School of Divinity
Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA

Dr. Gauss has been writing for publication since 1962 and has authored twenty books on a variety of Christian topics, including early American history, and since 2009, a variety of books on Islam in comparison to Christianity. His research is thorough and scholarly, yet easy to read and comprehend. In Understanding Islam in the Light of Christianity, Dr. Gauss provides theological insights and discernment not found elsewhere.

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Is Jihad a Muslim’s Inner Reflection?

August 12, 2020

James F. Gauss

August 12, 2020

(Excerpted, in part, from Embracing the Anti-Christ: The Heresy of Interfaith Dialogue, by James F. Gauss, published July 14, 2020).

There are two jihads or jihadist practices in Islam. They are referred to as the lesser or lower jihad and the greater or higher jihad. The lesser jihad is warfare against infidels or non-believers. The greater jihad refers to a Muslim’s spiritual war against his inner self. The one the West hears about all the time from Muslim leaders is the greater jihad. It sounds so noble and pious and inoffensive toward non-Muslims.

However, it is the lesser jihad—the war against non-Muslims—that people in the West experience on a daily basis. It is participation in the lesser jihad that is mandatory for all Muslims.

“Jihad” means to war against non-Muslims, and is etymologically derived from the word “mujahada,” signifying warfare to establish the religion. And it is the lesser jihad. As for the greater jihad, it is spiritual warfare against the lower self, which is why the Prophet . . . said as he was returning from jihad, “We have returned from the lesser to the greater jihad”  (Reliance of the Traveller, o9.0).

What is jihad? If you listen to and believe the westernized version put forth by Muslims and their leaders, jihad is just a search for inner peace by a Muslim. However, that is not what the Qur’an teaches and Muhammad taught. From those two sources, jihad is a clear commandment from Allah to pursue, persecute and kill all non-Muslims or even unfaithful Muslims who do not accept and adhere to Islamic dictates.

The scriptural basis for [the lesser] jihad, prior to scholarly consensus . . . is such Koranic verses as:

  • “Fighting is prescribed for you” (Koran 2:216);
  • “Slay them wherever you find them” (Koran 4:89);
  • “Fight the idolators utterly” (Koran 9:36); 

“I [Muhammad] have been commanded [by Allah] to fight people until they testify that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and perform the prayer [of faith, the shahada], and pay zakat [almsgiving]. If they say it, they have saved their blood and possessions from me, except for the rights of Islam over them. And their final reckoning is with Allah;” . . . 

“To go forth in the morning or evening to fight in the path of Allah is better than the whole world and everything in it”  (Reliance of the Traveller, o9.0(1)(2)(3)).

Yoel Natan of Answering-Islam has compiled 164 jihad-related verses in the Qur’an. Only 5 verses were revealed in Mecca when Muhammad was trying to win over converts from the Jewish, Christian and pagan populations. The other 159 were revealed in Medina after Muhammad sought revenge on those who ran him and his band of followers out of Mecca (

According to Islamic law, as expressed in the preceding quotes from Reliance of the Traveller (the book of Islamic law), the lesser jihad, the warfare against non-Muslims, is not an option, it is mandatory for every able-bodied Muslim—male and female. Most Muslims will deny this, but in doing so, will be applying another battleground tactic, taqiya or lying. Notice too, that this jihad battle is unending, it continues as long as there are infidels who refuse to bend a knee to Allah and submit to Muslim rule. Muhammad stated that there is nothing better in the whole world than fighting for the cause of Allah. A Muslim’s whole existence and blessing depends on his or her willingness to fight infidels for the sake of Allah.

In the Reliance of the Traveller there is a whole section on “The Obligatory Character of [the lesser] Jihad.”

  • Jihad is a communal obligation. When enough people perform it to successfully accomplish it, it is no longer obligatory upon others. . . .
  • If none of those concerned perform jihad, and it does not happen at all, then everyone who is aware that it is obligatory is guilty of sin. .
  • As for subsequent times, there are two possible states in respect to non-Muslims. The first is when they are in their own country, in which case jihad [see o9.8 to follow] is a communal obligation . . . The second state is when non-Muslims invade a Muslim country or near to one, in which case jihad is personally obligatory . . . (Reliance of the Traveller, o9.1).

It cannot be any clearer. Whether in a Muslim country or for Muslims residing in a non-Muslim country, jihad—the warfare jihad—is obligatory for every able-bodied Muslim, whenever the call to do so goes forth.

In fact, according to Muhammad in surah 4:95, those who are able (age of puberty and up) and do not participate, are considered to be inferior Muslims whom Allah will not reward.

The holders back [from jihad] from among the believers, not having any injury, and those who strive hard in Allah’s way with their property and their persons are not equal [to the jihadists]; Allah has made the strivers [jihadists] with their property and their persons to excel the holders back a (high) degree, and to each (class) Allah has promised good; and Allah shall grant to the strivers above the holders back a mighty reward.

Also in the Reliance of the Traveller, there is a section on “The Objectives of Jihad.” 

The caliph [the successor to the Prophethood of Muhammad] makes war upon Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians (N: provided he has first invited them to enter Islam in faith and practice, and if they will not, then invited them to enter the social order of Islam by paying the non-Muslim poll tax (jizya) . . . (and the war continues) until they become Muslim or else pay the non-Muslim poll tax . . . (Reliance of the Traveller, o9.8).

Trying to take Jihad from the Quran and the Sunnah is [like] trying to take sweetness out of honey (New York “Mufti” Muhammad Ibn Muneer, December 5, 2018).

Where is the Church?

July 29, 2020

James F. Gauss

July 29, 2020

(Excerpted, in part, from Embracing the Anti-Christ: The Heresy of Interfaith Dialogue, by James F. Gauss, published July 14, 2020).

True believers in Jesus Christ and His unadulterated Gospel have been struggling to push back the powers of darkness since the first Christian believers gathered in the Upper Room in Jerusalem after Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection. For the most part, up through World War II, the Church in America was at the forefront of doing battle against evil. However, after the war-weary victories in Europe and the Far East in the mid-1940s it seemed that the Church fell back on its “laurels” and got fat and lazy and let down its guard and offensive thrust against those who sought to undermine its very foundations.

Over the last several decades—and likely much longer—America has become a culture of death and decadence. Why has America—once the center of Judeo-Christian principles and experience—degenerated into a wanton, hedonistic society? The reasons, from this author’s perspective are many, but a few glaring ones will be listed.

Separation of Church and State. Americans readily accepted this lie in 1947 and the Church was silent. Barring the Church from the public and political arena of everyday life gave way to debauchery and godless living. This fabricated “separation” does not appear anywhere in the U.S. Constitution and was not part of the thinking of any of the Founding Fathers. . . .

Prayer and Bible were taken out of education in 1962-63. Many of America’s Founding Fathers took a strong position on the Bible and prayer. Dr. Benjamin Rush, a prominent physician, educator and signer of the Declaration of Independence said: “Religion is necessary to correct the effects of learning. Without religion I believe learning does real mischief to the morals and principles of mankind. . .” (letter to John Armstrong, March 19, 1783). By removing prayer and the Bible from our schools, the moral fiber and foundation for youthful guidance was obliterated. Once again, the Church stood silent.

Rejecting God and the Gospel of Christ. Jesus said, “Whoever listens to you listens to me; whoever rejects you rejects me; but whoever rejects me rejects him who sent me” (Luke 10:16). Over the decades, as the Church got weaker and weaker and became more irrelevant in the lives of Americans . . .

Roe vs. Wade, abortion and the culture of death. Every time there is a mass shooting or some horrific event in the United States involving guns, some (usually Democrat or leftist) politician or liberal broadcaster on television will boldly proclaim that America has become a “culture of death.”

I agree, but not for the same brash pontificating reasons they promulgate.   America, indeed, has become a culture of death, but it started long before the first mass shooting at a school.  Conspicuously, absent from the culture of death dialogue on the left is the fact that the killing of the innocent has become the law of the land. . . .

Sexual perversion among youth and adults. The esteemed George Washington, in his presidential Farewell Address, September 17, 1796, wrote: “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute of patriotism, who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness, these firmest props of the duties of men and citizens. The mere politician, equally with the pious man, ought to respect and to cherish them.” Gouverneur Morris, one of the signers of the U.S. Constitution, wrote: “Religion is the only solid basis of good morals: therefore education should teach the precepts of religion, and the duties of man towards God.” . . .

Educational dumb down—rewriting true American history. All the despotic leaders of the past—Hitler, Mussolini, Marx, and others—and those of the present, know that to control the minds of a nation’s youth results in controlling the future. If one controls the narrative, one can dictate the destiny of a people. The great Winston Churchill is credited with saying, “A nation that forgets its past has no future.” . . .

Destruction of the family unit. In the post-World War II era and before, the man/husband was the consummate breadwinner and the woman/wife stayed home as the family “nest builder” and nurturer. Such a concept is alien to today’s families. . . .

The perverted church. In far too many churches, sin has crept in, ever so deceptively at first, but now as a flood, as more and more churches bow at the altar of perversion and a false gospel of the LGBTQ+ (the ever expanding acronym) adherents. A co-habitating man and woman is also acceptable in many churches.

Where was the Church during all this upheaval and despotic overreach? Where is it today? With the introduction of the COVID pandemic, where did the Church stand? An overwhelming majority abandoned their faith in Jesus Christ and cast their lot with the state and adopted the mostly false narrative of politicians and medical spokespersons in apparent fear and trepidation. Instead of calling its members to prayer and fasting, as well as repenting for the sins of the Church and the country, the Church went AWOL. In the midst of it all, many churches have made an unholy alliance with Islam.

Repentance in the Church. Who is responsible for the ever-growing decadence of America and Americans? It is the Church—the Church of Jesus Christ—that was to set the standard; to uphold it and defend it at all costs, and it has failed miserably.

For it is time for judgment to begin with God’s household; and if it begins with us, what will the outcome be for those who do not obey the gospel of God? (1 Peter 4:17). Judgment starts with the Church. Oh, Christians can easily point the finger of responsibility in all different directions, but God will hold His Church responsible for the many lost souls who have fallen prey to the wicked one. Instead of being a light in darkness or a light on a hill, far too many churches and denominations have embraced the darkness and called it “good.”

A favorite scripture Christian leaders like to quote, is 2 Chronicles 7:14. “. . . if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” The emphasis is usually placed on the praying part of the verse and the repentance part—turn from their wicked ways—is glossed over. The Church in America, that is, the Christians in America, have a lot to repent for—remember the preceding list, which is just the beginning. . . .

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Biden or Trump?

July 28, 2020

James F. Gauss

July 28, 2020

A reader (I’ll call him, “George”) responded to my blog post on Reason #3 to NEVER Vote for a Democrat: Racism, and wrote: I’ve never voted for a party platform, preferring to vote for the person, their views, their character, their moral backbone, their examples of being truthful over political correctness. He went on to state that the choice between Clinton and Trump in 2016 was a difficult one because neither candidate met his character criteria. In the end, he voted for trump because of his stance (platform) “on Israel, abortion and nominating conservative judges to the courts.” Despite President Trump’s fulfillment of this reader’s hopes and much more, he now says he cannot and will not vote for Trump because of his “narcissism, self-absorption, moral deficiency, lying, Tweet fest name calling, and mental ineptitude. . . . His handling of this current pandemic is abhorrent, let alone the racial injustices and demonstrations.”

So, what is George’s choice in the upcoming election? He acknowledges that Joe Biden “is too old and I don’t like many of the things he supports. Yet, Biden is definitely better than Trump’s . . . .” So, with George’s perception of Trump’s character flaws, he would rather vote for Biden’s platform that he does not like. Strange thinking, but unfortunately, not unlike so many voters who cannot get beyond judging Trump solely on his character.

I intended to respond with a clarifying comment of my own, but realized that my response would be too long and better expressed more completely in another blog for a wider audience.

Character vs. Platform. I can certainly understand George’s concerns about President Trump’s character flaws. I had similar reservations right up until two weeks before the 2016 presidential election. I still believe, that in a personal context, President Trump may not be the type of person that would be on my BFF list (few people are—I’m very picky). But, then I reflect on the people of the Bible that God chose to be leaders for His cause, and, other than Jesus, they all had character flaws—some extremely severe, but God used them anyway. Does Donald J. Trump have character flaws and a bag of sins? Absolutely! But don’t we all, unless we confess our sins to God, repent and seek His forgiveness. However, being human, there is not one of us that is truly sin-free. We must constantly keep coming before the Lord in confession that leads unto repentance and forgiveness.

In American history, there are a scant few people who exhibited both godly character and true leadership. At the presidential level, the last person that I voted for that had a reasonable semblance of both, was Ronald Reagan. So, although this blog commentator judges Trump on the content of his character, but not Biden (even though he does not agree with Biden’s political agenda and principles), he chooses to reject Trump. In an imperfect world, I decided, when it comes to politics, I must choose platform over character. For me, although I have not voted Democrat for almost 40 years, the Democratic Party abandoned godly principles a long time ago. Even the Democratic faithful are waking up to that reality and the discerning among them understand that the Democratic Party and its leaders are delusional and morally bankrupt. On May 26, 2018, for instance, Brandon Straka, a Democratic voter became incensed with the Democrats deplorable platform and founded the WalkAway Campaign, which encourages the disillusioned Democratic voter to “walk away” from the Party and join the Republican effort. To date, over 338,000 former Democratic voters have done just that. In the last full week of July, 2020, Straka reported on Fox News that over 86,000 joined the campaign.

However, while George focuses on character to make his political decision, he is errant on a number of Trump’s principal goals that mimics the liberal media’s obsession with destroying Trump’s accomplishments and agenda since he announced his presidential run. (As an aside, the fact that the media is so obsessed with destroying Trump and refuses to give him any credit for anything, should be a signal to any rational person, that it is not Trump’s character that the political left and the Democrats are concerned about, but it is his Democratic-dismantling of their wayward and anti-American platform of Marxist-socialism). With daily 24/7 attacks from every conceivable source—hundreds a day—how would you respond? Especially if they were attacking your family and friends and endangering their lives with false and salacious accusations. But, he should stay off Twitter, you say. When absolutely every media outlet—newspaper, radio, TV, Internet (Facebook, Google, et al), except a handful of conservative ones, attack him every minute of every day, what outlet of defense does Trump have to defend himself? What would you do? Remain silent and passive?

Here’s the deal on Trump’s character from my perspective and experience. He’s a fighter; a politically incorrect brawler. He’s not a namby-pamby politician. Unlike most Democrats in Congress, he’s a patriot and loves America. He’ll do anything to defend it and the American people. I grew up in New Jersey and as a teenager and young adult I ventured into New York City many times, mostly to the ballparks (NYC was still home to the Dodgers, Giants and Yankees). Even back in the 1950s and 1960s, New Yorkers had the reputation of being tactless, blunt, in-your-face, crude and always telling you exactly what they thought about anything, including you. Trump is, of course, a New Yorker. I am not saying that excuses his perceived character flaws, it just might explain them. Years ago, we moved to what we thought was the peaceful, conservative Midwest state of Minnesota. Minnesotans pride themselves on “Minnesota Nice.” It drives Easterners crazy. It seems one never knows exactly what a born and raised Minnesotan really thinks or means. In retrospect, I will take the bluntness and straight-talking truth of a New Yorker over the less than genuine “Minnesota Nice” persona that is far too often fake.

So, what about character vs. platform? Is it Trump or is it Biden? I’m going to go right to the heart of one of the issues that apparently sticks in the craw of George and other anti-Trumpers: the accusation that Trump is a racist or is responsible for “racial injustices.” Perhaps, too much liberal news, or failure to do diligent research? Either way, I already thoroughly dealt with the racist history of the Democratic Party and its leaders in Reason #3, and its continuance today. But let me address the accusation of Trump’s “racism.”

Is Trump a Racist? In a retort to a Black radio talk show host, Biden said, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” Now, that IS racist! The truth about Biden? He bends a knee to the violent, Marxist Black Lives Matter organization that is bent on destroying America, but ignores the millions of Black babies aborted; the Black slums that Democratic mayors run into the ground; the need for school choice vouchers for Black students so they can get out of the hellhole inner city schools that Democrats are destroying, etc. Biden and Obama had eight years to improve the lot of Blacks in America and did nothing but dole out goody bags. Now, that IS racist!

In his first year as President, Trump created the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council, headed up by Executive Director Scott Turner (I hate saying this, but it’s necessary for all things racist in a Democrat’s mind, but Scott is Black, Negro, African-American. Otherwise, to normal Americans, he is  just one qualified guy who knows what he is doing and cares about those in economic stress). Under Turner’s direction, the WHORC has established 8,764 “opportunity zones” nominated by governors of all 50 states. Now that’s NOT racist!

These “zones” represent the lives of 35 million Americans (mostly minorities of color) living in poverty, low income and subjected to higher crime. Turner stated that the Council was charged with answering the question: “What can be done to lift up our most vulnerable and stressed communities . . . to create new jobs, new businesses, better housing, retail . . .” Now that’s NOT racist!

If you have not heard about this unique Trump initiative, it would be no surprise. Don’t expect the Trump-hating media to tell you about it, or any of the other outstanding Trump accomplishments. However, the infamous Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib, have heard about it. They want to defund it. Now, that IS racist!

In less than three years, President Trump has, through economic reforms, greatly improved the living conditions and opportunities for Blacks and Hispanics, resulting in the lowest unemployment rate for both demographics since employment statistics have been kept. Now that’s NOT racist!

In December, 2019, Trump promoted and signed a Historic Black College & University bill providing $250 million per year in support of those institutions. Now, that’s NOT racism! Under the leadership of President Trump and the Direction of Ben Carson, Secretary of HUD, the Trump administration dealt with and resolved a back log of over 22 thousand fair housing complaints left unaddressed by the Obama administration. Now, that’s NOT racism!

The cries and accusations of racism against President Trump by the Democrats, liberal media and their ilk are proven false, but few anti-Trumpers will take the time and energy to research the facts. It’s easier just to proclaim “racist” from one’s armchair or be brain-numbed by CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC or another snooze outlet masquerading as a news network.

However, Black and Hispanic America are waking up and catching on to the fallacious plots of the leftists. When Ronald Reagan beat Jimmy Carter in a landslide (51-41%) in 1980, he did so with only 10% of the Black vote, while Carter garnered 86%. Recently, the liberal, lying Washington Post proclaimed that 92% of Blacks favor Biden for President. That is a strong contradiction to multiple other sources that have reported that Trump’s Black support has skyrocketed from 8% on Election Day in 2016, to over 40% today. Trump’s Hispanic support continues to grow and was last reported at 34%.

Now you know why the Democrats and their media shills are pulling out all the stops to destroy Trump before the election. Democrats are terrified about the election. They know they do not have a ghost of a chance in the November election with that kind of minority support for Trump. That support will continue to grow into Election Day as Democrats continue to prove to the minority communities that they do not care about law and order, Black lives or the survival of minority communities throughout the United States. On top of that, they have a candidate that often does not know what state or city he’s in, what day it is or what office he is running for in 2020.

Trump Accomplishments. George, you drone on about your perceived image of Trump and his “narcissism, self-absorption, moral deficiency, lying, Tweet fest name calling, and mental ineptitude. . . .” like some drunken sailor after watching CNN’s nightly Trump bashing. This character-deficient man, as you describe him, accomplished more positive things for the American people in his first 20 months (289, to be exact), then Obama did in eight years, or the Democrats have accomplished in several decades. Take some time and visit the list here: .

The Democratic Platform (in brief). No, I’m not going to waste my time to provide resources on most of this, that will come later. Most Trump supporters know this; non-Trumpers, do your own research. The Democrats’ platform in substance (they have no character):

  • An anti-God, anti-Christian agenda.
  • Anti-Bill of Rights; anti-American. Destroy the Second Amendment.
  • Anti-law enforcement and community protection; defund & disband the police.
  • Pro-Marxist, supporting BLM, Antifa, Nation of Islam and Muslim Brotherhood and funded by the same.
  • Pro-Abortion, killing of babies, including babies of color they claim to care about.
  • Anti-military, but pro-Russia, pro-China, pro-Iran.
  • Anti-capitalism. Pro-high taxes. Pro-Socialism. Destroy America’s energy sector.
  • Anti-Business, especially small businesses.
  • Support anti-American conglomerates like Google, Face Book, et al to control and restrict free speech that do not support the Democratic socialist narrative and agenda.
  • 200 years of racist policies and destruction of the Black community and families.
  • Anti-freedom of expression at any level.
  • Anti-family; anti-Marriage.
  • Pro-Perversion education of America’s youth.
  • Pro-Islam in America’s schools.
  • Anti-Jew; anti-Israel.
  • Pro-Open Borders & illegal immigration. Abolish I.C.E., i.e. illegal immigration law enforcement.
  • Pro-Voter fraud and elimination of citizen-only voting and elimination of the Electoral College and voter I.D.
  • Pro-Lying, deceit and fraud in trying to destroy a duly elected U.S. President.
  • Pro-Treason and insurrection.

But, go ahead, don’t vote for Trump, George, just because he does not fit your character mold. Would Abraham, David, Apostle Peter or Apostle Paul have met your standards? Probably not! After all, they were liars, deceivers, fornicators, murderers and denied Christ.

I will make it abundantly clear for George and other anti-Trumpers. President Trump is not a perfect man. But America is at war for its very survival. Voting for a Democrat at any level is voting for America’s destruction (go ahead, laugh) and the freedom you enjoy. You will be destroying America for your children and grandchildren—if America lasts that long.

Take the time to read the Black Lives Matter “Manifesto” which can be viewed here: Among other fascist realities, they want THE ABOLITION OF THE LEGISLATIVE AND JUDICIAL BRANCHES OF THE US GOVERNMENT. Another words, they want a fascist dictator. The Democrats will only be too happy to oblige.

Go to the BLM website at: and click on the “Donate” tab in the upper right corner. When the donation page opens, note that all donations go to “ActBlue.” What is ActBlue? ActBlue is a nonprofit technology organization established in June 2004 that enables left-leaning nonprofits, Democrats, and progressive groups to raise money on the Internet by providing them with online fundraising software. Its stated mission is to “empower small-dollar donors.” Interesting! The rioting, Marxist, terror group, Black Lives Matter, has actually been raising hundreds of millions for the Democratic machine and its candidates. These are the types of people the Democratic Party sleeps with on a daily basis—those who want to tear down America and destroy it forever. No wonder Democrats take foreign monies from Russia, China, Iran and anyone else who wants America DEAD.

George, what are you and your comrades thinking?

Embracing the Anti-Christ. No. 1 New Release in Islamic Theology

July 15, 2020

In less than 24 hours since its release, Embracing the Anti-Christ: The Heresy of Interfaith Dialogue, is the #1 New Release on Islamic Theology on Amazon.  In Amazon lingo, this does not amount to much (it could be only one purchase).  It is #30 in “Islamic Theology.”

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Embracing the Anti-Christ: The Heresy of Interfaith Dialogue. Introduction

July 13, 2020

335 pp.; $15.95

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Available NOW, July 14, 2020.


(Excerpted from Embracing the Anti-Christ: The Heresy of Interfaith Dialogue, by James F. Gauss. To be released in late July, 2020).

Muslims are the first victims of Islam. Many times I have observed in my travels in the Orient, that fanaticism comes from a small number of dangerous men who maintain the others in the practice of religion by terror. To liberate the Muslim from his religion is the best service that one can render him. 

Ernest Renan (1823-1892)

French expert on Semitic languages and civilizations, and biblical scholar.

There is a huge battle raging for the soul of the Church in America and the West and it is being waged against the Church by those within the Church. It is unfathomable to me, as someone who has studied Islam and talked to hundreds of Muslims and former Muslims since 2001, how many learned people, university scholars and church leaders have been so thoroughly duped by the ideology of Islam and by deceiving Islamic leaders.

Certainly, many, if not most, Christian leaders and church congregants who are participating in the interfaith dialogue with Muslims firmly believe they are following Christ’s dictate to “love thy neighbor.” However, they are being misguided by false premises in the understanding about Islam and its adherents. Islam is not like other world religious ideologies or doctrines of faith. Other faiths and their followers desire only the freedom and peace to practice their faith. The primary tenets of faith of Islam are quite different. Unlike other religious beliefs, Islam seeks world domination and demands of its followers to achieve that goal by any means necessary, including lying, deceit, infiltration, persecution and murder. While interfaithers’ goals of serving their Muslim neighbor may be genuine and an expression of Christ’s love, they appear oblivious to the weightier matters of the Gospel of Christ.

All over the world hundreds of thousands of Muslims are coming to a saving knowledge of Christ and leaving Islam and its tyrannical ideology. However, in the United States, where an estimated 3-6 million Muslims live and Christians still have the freedom to preach and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, there is very little conversion of Muslims to Christianity. Why is that so? In Islamic countries where freedom of religious expression is condemned; Bibles and prayer groups banned; preaching the Gospel is forbidden, Muslims, at the risk of persecution, imprisonment and death are choosing Christ as their Lord and Savior.

In 2018, Pew Research Center released two polls on Islam in America January 26 and April 17). In the one poll, of the Americans who were converting to Islam, a whopping 77 percent were raised as Christians. By contrast, in the other poll, Pew discovered that of those Muslims in America that left Islam, only 22 percent converted to Christianity. Why such a disparity? Islam, it would appear, is having a far greater influence and impact on Christians, than Christians and the Gospel message are having on Muslims.

The Two-prong Attack. Thanks to America’s worldwide unique Constitution, which includes the Bill of Rights, and America’s largely unbridled freedoms, Muslims have successfully infiltrated every aspect of American life: education (both primary and secondary), politics, law enforcement, military (including Homeland Security), America’s legal and judicial system and the Church. The latter, along with the driving forces of education, have become the second prong of Islam’s attack on American’s 300+ years of culture and Judeo-Christian foundations.

In most primary school districts in America, Islam has found fertile ground to promulgate its lies and deceptions and pollute the minds of America’s impressionable children—all with the blessings of school boards, school administrators and teachers, but usually without the explicit knowledge of parents. Muslim culture, beliefs and practices are being impressed upon America’s children, often starting in kindergarten, while textbooks used for history, civics, geography, social studies, etc. are heavily edited and ladened with favorable and proselytizing portrayals of Islam, while, at the same time, denigrating Christianity and Judaism.

As Muslims attempt to convert America’s youth from K through 12th grade and on into college, the Church has remained silent and neutralized. Although many Christian denominations train hundreds of missionaries to go abroad to minister to Muslims in far off lands, it appears that most churches see little need or urgency to reach Muslims in America with the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Rather than share the Good News of Jesus with Muslims, most denominations seem to be content with embracing Muslims as “brothers” who share the same god and Abrahamic heritage. They just want to be “good neighbors” and maintain community harmony and cohesiveness. Never mind that the Muslims they claim to “love” are spiritually lost and condemned to hell without the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Those among the interfaith dialogue with Muslims movement chose to ignore or make excuses for 1400 years of Islamic history and barbarism. While Christianity has gone through a number of reform movements to cleanse itself of false doctrines and heresy and will continue to do so, Islam has never had a reform movement and never will. The Muslims of today still follow the same tenets of faith that their predecessors did fourteen centuries ago. For the basic beliefs of Islam to change would require its adherents to confess that Islam is a lie and a fabricated doctrine—not revealed by God, but created by man to dominate his neighbors, far and wide. True adherents to Islamic doctrine are taught and commanded not to adopt the culture and ways of their host country, but instead, are ordered to do everything possible to infiltrate, change and dominate the people and culture where they live until all is under their control for the glory of Allah.

. . . True believers in Jesus Christ and His unadulterated Gospel have been struggling to push back the powers of darkness since the first Christian believers gathered in the Upper Room in Jerusalem after Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection. For the most part, up through World War II, the Church in America was at the forefront of doing battle against evil. However, after the war-weary victories in Europe and the Far East in the mid-1940s it seemed that the Church fell back on its “laurels” and got fat and lazy and let down its guard and offensive thrust against those who sought to undermine its very foundations.

Over the last several decades—and likely much longer—America has become a culture of death and decadence. Why has America—once the center of Judeo-Christian principles and experience—degenerated into a wanton, hedonistic society? The reasons, from this author’s perspective are many, but a few glaring ones will be listed. . . .

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Embracing the Anti-Christ: The Heresy of Interfaith Dialogue–Contents

July 13, 2020

Available Soon!


336 pp.


The Assumptions of Interfaith Dialogue.

There is “Common Ground.”

Allah is the God of the Bible.

Islam is an Abrahamic Faith.

Islam is a Religion of Peace.

Jihad is a Muslim’s Inner Reflection.

Muslims Love Jesus and Mary.

Muslims want to be Good Neighbors.

The Interfaith Approach.

“Faith Over Fear.”

“Shoulder to Shoulder”

“Isaiah Project”

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Presbyterian Church USA                                                    

The Roman Catholic Church.

Chrislam, the New One World Religion.

Where did Interfaith Dialogue Originate?

An Explanatory Memorandum (1987).

Educational Infiltration (1989).

A Common Word (2007).

A Common Word Response (2007).

Understanding Taqiyya—Lying & Deception.

Islam in American Education.

Islam in America’s Primary Schools.

Islam in America’s Colleges and Universities.

Love Thy Neighbor.

Love Thy Neighbor.

The Five Love Commandments.

The Good Samaritan.

Hating Thy “Brother.”

Are Muslims “Brothers and Sisters” of Christians?

Love your Enemy vs. No Alliances with the Devil.

Dividing the Brethren.

A House Divided.

Attacking the Messenger.

Enemies of the Cross.

Embracing Pagan Rituals.

Why Interfaith Dialogue is Heresy.

Will You Deny Me?

Why are you Persecuting Me?

Slapping the Face of the Persecuted.

Embracing Israel’s Enemies.

Embracing the Anti-Christ.

Embracing the Darkness.

A True Shepherd .

The Sower.

The Great Commission.

In My Name.

Preach the Kingdom of God.

Preach the Word.

The Sheep of Your Pasture.

The True Mission.  

Lambs among Wolves.

Prime Opportunity Missed.

Take up your Cross.

The Harvest.      

The Son of God.

Jesus, the Only Way.

No Hope in Islam.

Not Flesh & Blood.

False Prophets. 

The Sin unto Death.

Denying the Holy Spirit

Is it Time?

Sharing your Faith with a Muslim.      

The Time is NOW!

Using the Qur’an to Witness.                                                  

One Minute Witness.


Ministries that Share the Gospel with Muslims . 


Embracing the Anti-Christ: The Heresy of Interfaith Dialogue

July 1, 2020

COMING SOON!  An exposé on the interfaith movement and, how it is perverting the Gospel and denying Muslims the truth of salvation.

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An Explanatory Memorandum of the Muslim Brotherhood

March 27, 2020

FBI stamp

Bate #ISE-SW/ 1B10/0000413 

In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Thanks be to God, Lord of the Two Worlds,

Prayers and peace be upon the master of the Messengers


An Explanatory Memorandum

On the General Strategic Goal for the Group

In North America



Bate #ISE-SW/ 1B10/0000414

In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Thanks be to God, Lord of the Two Worlds

And Blessed are the Pious



The beloved brother/The General Masul, may God keep him

The beloved brother/secretary of the Shura Council, may God keep him

The beloved brothers/Members of the Shura Council, may God keep them

God’s peace, mercy and blessings be upon you. .. . To proceed,

I ask Almighty God that you, your families and those whom you love around you are in the best of conditions, pleasing to God, glorified His name be.

I send this letter of mine to you hoping that it would seize your attention and receive your good care as you are the people of responsibility and those to whom trust is given. Between your hands is an “Explanatory Memorandum” which I put effort in writing down so that it is not locked in the chest and the mind, and so that I can share with you a portion of the responsibility in leading the Group in this country.

What might have encouraged me to submit the memorandum in this time in particular is my feeling of a “glimpse of hope” and the beginning of good tidings which bring the good news that we have embarked on a new stage of Islamic activism stages in this continent.

The papers which are between your hands are not abundant extravagance, imaginations or hallucinations which passed in the mind of one of your brothers, but they are rather hopes, ambitions and challenges that I hope that you share some or most of which with me. I do not claim their infallibility or absolute correctness, but they are an attempt which requires study, outlook, detailing and rooting from you.

My request to my brothers is to read the memorandum and to write what they wanted of comments and corrections, keeping in mind that what is between your hands is not strange or a new submission without a root, but rather an attempt to interpret and explain some of what came in the long-term plan which we approved and adopted in our council and our conference in the year (1987).

So, my honorable brother, do not rush to throw these papers away due to your many occupations and worries, All what I’m asking of you is to read them and to comment on them hoping that we might continue together the project of our plan and our Islamic work in this part of the world.

Should you do that, I would be thankful and grateful to you.

I also ask my honorable brother, the Secretary of the Council, to add the subject of the memorandum on the Council agenda in its coming meeting.

May God reward you good and keep you for His Daw’a

Your brother/Moharned Akram


Bate #ISE-SW/ 1B10/0000415


In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Thanks be to God, Lord of the Two Worlds

And Blessed are the Pious

Subject: A project for an explanatory memorandum for the General Strategic goal

for the Group in North America mentioned in the long-term plan

One: The Memorandum is derived from:

1 – The general strategic goal of the Group in America which was approved by the Shura Council and the Organizational Conference for the year [I987] is “Enablement of Islam in North America, meaning: establishing an effective and a stable Islamic Movement led by the Muslim Brotherhood which adopts Muslims’ causes domestically and globally, and which works to expand the observant Muslim base, aims at unifying and directing Muslims’ efforts, presents Islam as a civilization alternative, and supports the global Islamic State wherever it is”.

2- The priority that is approved by the Shura Council for the work of the Group in its current and former session which is “Settlement”.

3- The positive development with the brothers in the Islamic Circle in an attempt to reach a unity of merger.

4- The constant need for thinking and future planning, an attempt to read it and working to “shape” the present to comply and suit the needs and challenges of the future.

5The paper of his eminence, the General Masul, may God keep him, which he recently sent to the members of the Council.

Two: An Introduction to the Explanatory Memorandum:

– In order to begin with the explanation, we must “summon” the following question and place it in front of our eyes as its relationship is important and necessary with the strategic goal and the explanation project we are embarking on. The question we are facing is: “How do you like to see the Islam Movement in North America in ten years?”, or “taking along” the following sentence when planning and working, “Islamic Work in North America in the year (2000): A Strategic Vision”.

Also, we must summon and take along “elements” of the general strategic goal of the Group in North America and I will intentionally repeat them in numbers. They are:

[l- Establishing an effective and stable Islamic Movement led by the Muslim Brotherhood.

2- Adopting Muslims’ causes domestically and globally.

3Expanding the observant Muslim base.

4- Unifying and directing Muslims’ efforts.

Bate #ISE-SW 1B10/0000416

5- Presenting Islam as a civilization alternative

6Supporting the establishment of the global Islamic State wherever it is].

– It must be stressed that it has become clear and emphatically known that all is in agreement that we must “settle” or “enable” Islam and its Movement in this part of the world.

– Therefore, a joint understanding of the meaning of settlement or enablement must be adopted, through which and on whose basis we explain the general strategic goal with its six elements for the Group in North America.

Three: The Concept of Settlement:

This term was mentioned in the Group’s “dictionary” and documents with various meanings in spite of the fact that everyone meant one thing with it. We believe that the understanding of the essence is the same and we will attempt here to give the word and its “meanings” a practical explanation with a practical Movement tone, and not a philosophical linguistic explanation, while stressing that this explanation of ours is not complete until our explanation of “the process” of settlement itself is understood which is mentioned in the following paragraph. We briefly say the following:

Settlement: “That Islam and its Movement become a part of the homeland it lives in”.

Establishment: “That Islam turns into firmly-rooted organizations on whose bases civilization, structure and testimony are built”.

Stability: “That Islam is stable in the land on which its people move”.

Enablement: “That Islam is enabled within the souls, minds and the lives of the people of the country in which it moves”.

Rooting: “That Islam is resident and not a passing thing, or rooted “entrenched” in the soil of the spot where it moves and not a strange plant to it”.

Four: The Process of Settlement:

– In order for Islam and its Movement to become “a part of the homeland” in which it lives, “stable” in its land, “rooted” in the spirits and minds of its people, “enabled” in the live of its society and has firmly-established “organizations” on which the Islamic structure is built and with which the testimony of civilization is achieved, the Movement must plan and struggle to obtain “the keys” and the tools of this process in carry out this grand mission as a “Civilization Jihadist” responsibility which lies on the shoulders of Muslims and – on top of them – the Muslim Brotherhood in this country. Among these keys and tools are the following:

1- Adopting the concept of settlement and understanding its practical meanings:

The Explanatory Memorandum focused on the Movement and the realistic dimension of the process of settlement and its practical meanings without paying attention to the difference in understanding between the resident and the non-resident, or who is the settled and the non-settled

Bate #ISE-SW 1B10/0000417

and we believe that what was mentioned in the long-term plan in that regards suffices.

2- Making a fundamental shift in our thinking and mentality in order to suit the challenges of the settlement mission.

What is meant with the shift – which is a positive expression – is responding to the grand challenges of the settlement issues. We believe that any transforming response begins with the method of thinking and its center, the brain, first. In order to clarify what is meant with the shift as a key to qualify us to enter the field of settlement, we say very briefly that the following must be accomplished:

– A shift from the partial thinking mentality to the comprehensive thinking mentality,

– A shift fiom the “amputated” partial thinking mentality to the “continuous” comprehensive mentality.

– A shift from the mentality of caution and reservation to the mentality of risk and controlled liberation.

– A shift from the mentality of the elite Movement to the mentality of the popular Movement.

– A shift fiom the mentality of preaching and guidance to the mentality of building and testimony

– A shift from the single opinion mentality to the multiple opinion mentality.

– A shift from the collision mentality to the absorption mentality.

– A shift from the individual mentality to the team mentality.

– A shift from the anticipation mentality to the initiative mentality.

– A shift from the hesitation mentality to the decisiveness mentality.

– A shift from the principles mentality to the programs mentality.

– A shift from the abstract ideas mentality the true organizations mentality [This is the core point and the essence of the memoiandum].

3- Understanding the historical stages in which the Islamic Ikhwani [militia of brothers] activism went through in this country:

The writer of the memorandum believes that understanding and comprehending the historical stages of the Islamic activism which was led and being led by the Muslim Brotherhood in this continent is a very important key in working towards settlement, through which the Group observes its march, the direction of its movement and the curves and turns of its road. We will suffice here with mentioning the title for each of these stages [The title expresses the prevalent characteristic of the stage] [Details maybe mentioned in another future study]. Most likely, the stages are:

A- The stage of searching for self and determining the identity.

B- The stage of inner build-up and tightening the organization.

C- The stage of mosques and the Islamic centers.

D- The stage of building the Islamic organizations – the first phase.

E- The stage of building the Islamic schools – the first phase.

Bate #ISE-SW 1B10/0000418

F- The stage of thinking about the overt Islamic Movement – the first phase.

G- The stage of openness to the other Islamic movements and attempting to reach a formula for dealing with them – the first phase.

H- The stage of reviving and establishing the Islamic organizations – the second phase. We believe that the Group is embarking on this stage in its second phase as it has to open the door and enter as it did the first time.

4- Understanding the role of the Muslim Brother in North America:

The process of settlement is a “Civilization-Jihadist Process” with all the word means. The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions. Without this level of understanding, we are not up to this challenge and have not prepared ourselves for Jihad yet. It is a Muslim’s destiny to perform Jihad and work wherever he is and wherever he lands until the final hour comes, and there is no escape from that destiny except for those who chose to slack. But, would the slackers and the Mujahedeen [Islamic guerilla fighters] be equal.

5- Understanding that we cannot perform the settlement mission by ourselves or away from people:

A mission as significant and as huge as the settlement mission needs magnificent and exhausting efforts. With their capabilities, human, financial and scientific resources, the Ikhwan will not be able to carry out this mission alone or away from people and he who believes that is wrong, and God knows best. As for the role of the Ikhwan, it is the initiative, pioneering, leadership, raising the banner and pushing people in that direction. They are then to work to employ, direct and unify Muslims’ efforts and powers for this process. In order to do that, we must possess a mastery of the art of “coalitions”, the art of “absorption” and the principles of “cooperation”.

6- The necessity of achieving a union and balanced gradual merger between private work and public work:

We believe that what was written about this subject is many and is enough. But, it needs a time and a practical frame so that what is needed is achieved in a gradual and a balanced way that is compatible with the process of settlement.

Bate #ISE-SW 1B10/0000418 (Cont’d)

7- The conviction that the success of the settlement of Islam and its Movement in this country is a success to the global Islamic Movement and a true support for the sought-after state, God willing:

There is a conviction – with which this memorandum disagrees – that our focus in attempting to settle Islam in this country will lead to negligence in our duty towards the global Islamic Movement in supporting its project to establish the state. We believe that the reply is in two segments: One – The success of the Movement in America in establishing an observant Islamic base with power and effectiveness will be the best support and aid to the global Movement project.

Bate #ISE-SW 1B10/0000419

And the second – is the global Movement has not succeeded yet in “distributing roles” to its branches, stating what is the needed from them as one of the participants or contributors to the project to establish the global Islamic state. The day this happens, the children of the American Ikhwani branch will have far-reaching impact and positions that make the ancestors proud.

8- Absorbing Muslims and winning them with all of their factions and colors in America and Canada for the settlement project, and making it their cause, future and the basis of their Islamic life in this part of the world:

This issues requires from us to learn “the art of dealing with the others”, as people are different and people in many colors. We need to adopt the principle which says, “Take from people … the best they have”, their best specializations, experiences, arts, energies and abilities. By people here we mean those within or without the ranks of individuals and organizations. The policy of “taking” should be with what achieves the strategic goal and the settlement process. But the big challenge in front of us is: how to connect them all in “the orbit” of our plan and “the circle” of our Movement in order to achieve “the core” of our interest. To me, there is no choice for us other than alliance and mutual understanding of those who desire from our religion and those who agree from ow belief in work. And the U.S. Islamic arena is full of those waiting …., the pioneers.

What matters is bringing people to the level of comprehension of the challenge that is facing us as Muslims in this country, conviction of our settlement project, and understanding the benefit of agreement, cooperation and alliance. At that time, if we ask for money, a lot of it would come, and if we ask for men, they would come in lines, What matters is that ow plan is “the criterion and the balance” in our relationship with others.

Here, two points must be noted; the first one: we need to comprehend and understand the balance of the Islamic powers in the U.S. arena [and this might be the subject of a future study]. The second point: what we reached with the brothers in “ICNA” is considered a step in the right direction, the beginning of good and the first drop that requires growing and guidance.

Bate #ISE-SW 1B10/0000419 (Cont’d)

9- Re-examining our organizational and administrative bodies, the type of leadership and the method of selecting it with what suits the challenges of the settlement mission:

The memorandum will be silent about details regarding this item even though it is logical and there is a lot to be said about it,

10- Growing and developing our resources and capabilities, our financial and human resources with what suits the magnitude of the grand mission:

If we examined the human and the financial resources the Ikhwan alone own in this country, we and others would feel proud and glorious. And if we add to them the resources of our friends and allies, those who circle in our orbit and those waiting on our banner, we would realize that we are able to open the door to settlement and walk through it seeking to make Almighty God’s word the highest.

Bate #ISE-SW 1B10/0000420

11Utilizing the scientific method in planning, thinking and preparation of studies needed for the process of settlement:

Yes, we need this method, and we need many studies which aid in this civilization Jihadist

operation. We will mention some of them briefly:

– The history of the Islamic presence in America.

– The history of the Islamic Ikhwani presence in America.

– Islamic movements, organizations and organizations: analysis and criticism.

– The phenomenon of the Islamic centers and schools: challenges, needs and statistics.

– Islamic minorities.

– Muslim and Arab communities.

– The U.S. society: make-up and politics.

– The U.S. society’s view of Islam and Muslims … And many other studies which we can direct our brothers and allies to prepare, either through their academic studies or through their educational centers or organizational tasking. What is important is that we start.

12- Agreeing on a flexible, balanced and a clear “mechanism” to implement the process of settlement within a specific, gradual and balanced “time frame” that is in-line with the demands and challenges of the process of settlement.

13- Understanding the U.S. society from its different aspects an understanding that “qualifies” us to perform the mission of settling our Dawa’ [to proselytize or preach Islam] in its country “and growing it” on its land.

14- Adopting a written “jurisprudence” that includes legal and movement bases, principles, policies and interpretations which are suitable for the needs and challenges of the process of settlement.

15- Agreeing on “criteria” and balances to be a sort of “antennas” or “the watch tower” in order to make sure that all of our priorities, plans, programs, bodies, leadership, monies and activities march towards the process of the settlement.

16- Adopting a practical, flexible formula through which our central work complements our domestic work.

[Items 12 through 16 will be detailed later].

17- Understanding the role and the nature of work of “The Islamic Center” in every city with what achieves the goal of the process of settlement:

The center we seek is the one which constitutes the “axis” of our Movement, the “perimeter” of the circle of our work, our “balance center”, the “base” for our rise and our “Dar al-Arqam” to educate us, prepare us and supply our battalions in addition to being the “niche” of our prayers.

Bate #ISE-SW lB10/0000421

This is in order for the Islamic center to turn – in action not in words – into a seed “for a small Islamic society” which is a reflection and a mirror to our central organizations. The center ought to turn into a “beehive” which produces sweet honey. Thus, the Islamic center would turn into a place for study, family, battalion, course, seminar, visit, sport, school, social club, women gathering, kindergarten for male and female youngsters, the office of the domestic political resolution, and the center for distributing our newspapers, magazines, books and our audio and visual tapes.

In brief we say: we would like for the Islamic center to become “The House of Dawa”‘ and “the general center” in deeds first before name. As much as we own and direct these centers at the continent level, we can say we are marching successfully towards the settlement of Dawa’ in this country.

Meaning that the “center’s” role should be the same as the “mosque’s” role during the time of God’s prophet, God’s prayers and peace be upon him, when he marched to “settle” the Dawa’ in its first generation in Madina. from the mosque, he drew the Islamic life and provided to the world the most magnificent and fabulous civilization humanity knew.

This mandates that, eventually, the region, the branch and the Usra [Islamic families] turn into “operations rooms” for planning, direction, monitoring and leadership for the Islamic center in order to be a role model to be followed.

18- Adopting a system that is based on “selecting” workers, “role distribution” and “assigning” positions and responsibilities is based on specialization, desire and need with what achieves the process of settlement and contributes to its success.

19- Turning the principle of dedication for the Masuls of main positions within the Group into a rule, a basis and a policy in work. Without it, the process of settlement might be stalled [Talking about this point requires more details and discussion].

20- Understanding the importance of the “Organizational” shift in our Movement work, and doing Jihad in order to achieve it in the real world with what serves the process of settlement and expedites its results, God Almighty’s willing:

The reason this paragraph was delayed is to stress its utmost importance as it constitutes the heart and the core of this memorandum. It also constitutes the practical aspect and the true measure of our success or failure in our march towards settlement. The talk about the organizations and the “organizational” mentality or phenomenon does not require much details. It suffices to say that the first pioneer of this phenomenon was our prophet Mohamed, God’s peace, mercy and blessings be upon him, as he placed the foundation for the first civilized organization which is the mosque, which truly became “the comprehensive organization”. And this was done by the pioneer of the contemporary Islamic Dawa’, Imam martyr Hasan al-Banna, may God have mercy on him, when he and his brothers felt the need to “re-establish” Islam and its movement anew, leading him to establish organizations with all their kinds: economic, social, media, scouting,

Bate #ISE-SW 1B10/0000421 (Cont’d)

professional and even the military ones. We must say that we are in a country which understands no language other than the language of the organizations, and one which does not respect or give weight to any group without effective, functional and strong organizations.

Bate #ISE-SW lB10/0000422

It is good fortune that there are brothers among us who have this “trend”, mentality or inclination to build the organizations who have beat us by action and words which leads us to dare say honestly what Sadat in Egypt once said, “We want to build a country of organizations” – a word of right he meant wrong with. I say to my brothers, let us raise the banner of truth to establish right “We want to establish the Group of organizations”, as without it we will not able to put our feet on the true path.

– And in order for the process of settlement to be completed, we must plan and work from now to equip and prepare ourselves, our brothers, our apparatuses, our sections and our committees in order to turn into comprehensive organizations in a gradual and balanced way that is suitable with the need and the reality. What encourages us to do that – in addition to the aforementioned – is that we possess “seeds” for each organization from the organization we call for [See attachment number (I)].

– All we need is to tweak them, coordinate their work, collect their elements and merge their efforts with others and then connect them with the comprehensive plan we seek.

For instance,

We have a seed for a “comprehensive media and art” organization: we own a print + advanced typesetting machine + audio and visual center + art production office + magazines in Arabic and English [The Horizons, The Hope, The Politicians, Ila Falastine, Press Clips, al-Zaytouna, Palestine Monitor, Social Sciences Magazines.,.] + art band + photographers + producers + programs anchors + journalists + in addition to other media and art experiences”.

Another example:

We have a seed for a “comprehensive Dawa’ educational” organization: We have the Daw’a section in ISNA + Dr. Jamal Badawi Foundation + the center run by brother Harned al-Ghazali + the Dawa’ center the Dawa’ Committee and brother Shaker al-Sayyed are seeking to establish now + in addition to other Daw’a efforts here and there…”.

And this applies to all the organizations we call on establishing.

– The big challenge that is ahead of us is how to turn these seeds or “scattered” elements into comprehensive, stable, “settled” organizations that are connected with our Movement and which fly in our orbit and take orders from ow guidance. This does not prevent – but calls for – each central organization to have its local branches but its connection with the Islamic center in the city is a must.

Bate #ISE-SW lB10/0000422 (Cont’d)

– What is needed is to seek to prepare the atmosphere and the means to achieve “the merger” so that the sections, the committees, the regions, the branches and the Usras are eventually the heart and the core of these organizations.

Or, for the shift and the change to occur as follows:

Bate #ISE-SW lB10/0000423

1 – The Movement Department + The Secretariat Department

2Education Department + Dawa’a Com.

3Sisters Department

4- The Financial Department + Investment Committee + The Endowment

5- Youth Department + Youths Organizations Department

6- The Social Committee + Matrimony Committee + Mercy Foundation

7- The Security Committee

8- The Political Depart. + Palestine Com.

9- The Group’s Court + The Legal Com.

10- Domestic Work Department

11 – Our magazines + the print + our art band

12- The Studies Association + The Publication House + Dar al-Kitab

13- Scientific and Medial societies

14- The Organizational Conference

15- The Shura Council + Planning Corn.

16- The Executive Office

17- The General Masul

18- The regions, branches & Usras

The Organizational & Administrative Organization – The General Center

– Dawa’ and Educational Organization

– The Women’s Organization

– The Economic Organization

– Youth Organizations

– The Social Organization

– The Security Organization

– The Political Organization

– The Judicial Organization

– Its work is to be distributed to the rest of the organizations

– The Media and Art Organization

– The Intellectual & Cultural Organization

– Scientific, Educational & Professional Organization

– The Islamic-American Founding Conference

– The Shura Council for the Islamic-American Movement

– The Executive Office of the Islamic-American Movement

– Chairman of the Islamic Movement and its official Spokesman

– Field leaders of organizations & Islamic centers

Five: Comarehensive [sic] Settlement Organization:

– We would then seek and struggle in order to make each one of these above-mentioned organizations a “comprehensive organization” throughout the days and the years, and as long as we are destined to be in this country. What is important is that we put the foundation and we will be followed by peoples and generations that would finish the march and the road but with a clearly-defined guidance.

Bate #ISE-SW lBlO/0000423 (Cont’d)

And, in order for us to clarify what we mean with the comprehensive, specialized organization, we mention here the characteristics and traits of each organization of the “promising” organizations.

1- From the Dawa’ and educational aspect [The Dawa’ and Educational Organization]: to include:

– The Organization to spread the Dawa’ (Central and local branches).

– An institute to graduate Callers and Educators.

– Scholars, Callers, Educators, Preachers and Program Anchors,

– Art and communication technology, Conveyance and Dawa’.

Bate #ISE-SW 1B10/0000424

– A television station.

– A specialized Dawa’ magazine.

– A radio station.

– The Higher Islamic Council for Callers and Educators.

– The Higher Council for Mosques and Islamic Centers.

– Friendship Societies with the other religions … and things like that.

2- Politicallv IThe Political Organization]: to include:

– A central political party.

– Local political offices.

– Political symbols.

– Relationships and alliances.

– The American Organization for Islamic Political Action

– Advanced Information Centers.. . .and things like that.

3- Media [The Media and Art Organization]: to include:

– A daily newspaper.

– Weekly, monthly and seasonal magazines.

– Radio stations.

– Television programs.

– Audio and visual centers.

– A magazine for the Muslim child.

– A magazine for the Muslim woman.

– A print and typesetting machines.

– A production office.

– A photography and recording studio

– Art bands for acting, chanting and theater.

– A marketing and art production office … and things like that,

Bate #ISE-SW 1B10/ 0000425

4- Economicallv [The Economic Organizationl: to include:

– An Islamic Central bank.

– Islamic endowments.

– Investment projects.

– An organization for interest-free loans …. and things like that.

5- Scientifically and Professionallv [The Scientific, Educational and Professional Organization] : to include:

– Scientific research centers.

– Technical organizations and vocational training.

– An Islamic university.

– Islamic schools.

– A council for education and scientific research.

– Centers to train teachers.

– Scientific societies in schools.

– An office for academic guidance.

– A body for authorship and Islamic curricula.. . . and things like that.

6- Culturallv and Intellectuallv [The Cultural and Intellectual Organization]: to include:

– A center for studies and research.

– Cultural and intellectual foundations such as [The Social Scientists Society – Scientists and Engineers Society., . .].

– An organization for Islamic thought and culture.

– A publication, translation and distribution house for Islamic books.

– An office for archiving, history and authentication

– The project to translate the Noble Quran, the Noble Sayings …. and things like that.

7- Sociallv I The Social-Charitable Organization]: to include:

– Social clubs for the youths and the community’s sons and daughters

– Local societies for social welfare and the services are tied to the Islamic centers

– The Islamic Organization to Combat the Social Ills of the U.S. Society

– Islamic houses project

– Matrimony and family cases office …. and things like that.

Bate #ISE-SW lB1010000426

8- Youths [The Youth Organization]: to include:

– Central and local youths foundations.

– Sports teams and clubs

– Scouting teams …. and things like that.

9- Women [The Women Organization]: to include:

– Central and local women societies.

– Organizations of training, vocational and housekeeping.

– An organization to train female preachers.

– Islamic kindergartens … and things like that.

10- Organizationallv and Administratively [The Administrative and Organizational Organization]:to include:

– An institute for training, growth, development and planning

– Prominent experts in this field

– Work systems, bylaws and charters fit for running the most complicated bodies and organizations

– A periodic magazine in Islamic development and administration.

– Owning camps and halls for the various activities.

– A data, polling and census bank.

– An advanced communication network.

– An advanced archive for our heritage and production …. and things like that.

11- Securitv [The Securitv Organization]: to include:

– Clubs for training and learning self-defense techniques.

– A center which is concerned with the security issues [Technical, intellectual, technological and human]. .. .and things like that.

12- Legallv [The Legal Organization]: to include:

– A Central Jurisprudence Council.

– A Central Islamic Court.

– Muslim Attorneys Society.

– The Islamic Foundation for Defense of Muslims’ Rights … and things like that.

And success is by God.

Bate #ISE-SW 16101 0000427

Attachment number (1)

A list of our organizations and the organizations of our friends

[Imagine if t they all march according to one plan! ! !]






























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