Who is James F. Gauss?

James F. Gauss, Ph.D. is a freelance writer, researcher and author of 18 books and a frequent public speaker.  His most recent books are “Bond Slaves: Confessions of Hard Core Bikers”, “Be Pruned: To Bear Fruit That Will Last”, “Overcoming the Storms of Life”, “Hop-A-Long: Abandoned but not forgotten”, “Wall of Separation: Jefferson’s Intention or Judicial Fabrication”, “We the People: Laying the Foundation”, “We the People: The Birth of a Nation”, “Islam & Christianity: A Revealing Contrast”, “Revelation 18 and the fate of America” and other books.  A former financial advisor and educator, Dr. Gauss has been writing for over 40 years and is well informed on matters of vital importance to the American public and Christian believer.

For more details see: http://booksbygauss.wordpress.com .


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