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New Release–Be Pruned

August 26, 2019


Pruning-masterful pruning-is the most important practice in developing a good or sound tree (vine, shrub, or other plant). Spiritual pruning, the subject of this book, is the most important development process for the growing Christian who desires to be more Christ-like each day. God, the Master Gardener of us all, uses spiritual pruning to bring forth the greatest purpose for which our life was created. As you prune your plants with care to avoid injury, and thus encourage and stimulate maximum growth, function, beauty, and production, so it is God’s intention in our pruning process. This masterful pruning procedure by the Master Gardener (while it may seem painful at times) does not inflict harm or injury upon those He desires to see mature to their fullest potential. This devotional/Bible study book is excellent for small groups or personal reflection and spiritual growth.

Awesome book, easy read but powerful!—Amazon customer.

The ideal gift/Bible study book for those wanting a greater understanding into the challenges one faces in the Christian walk. Perfect for personal growth & reflection, students, youth groups, small groups & Sunday schools, homeschool & Christian school students, special occasions (youth & adult).

Available from Lakeside Press at: and many other online retailers. For bulk discounts, non-resale of 10 or more copies, call 1-800-371-5849.

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About the Author. James F. Gauss earned a B.S. “With Distinction” in Horticulture degree from the University of Delaware and a Ph.D. in horticulture from Rutgers The State University. Before retiring he held university level research, teaching, and extension positions in horticulture; served as the horticulturist for a major botanical garden and worked as a landscape horticultural consultant for residential and commercial clients for many years.

It is through this experience that he is able to present insight into the horticultural concepts presented in the Bible. He is the author of 19 books; mostly on Christian topics and spiritual growth.