Obama’s Support

[Sorry, but I do not post very often.  Only when my dander gets up so high I can’t stand it any more.]

WAKE UP AMERICA!  It should be tell-tale where Obama’s re-election support is originating.  Recently the United Nations’ leadership came out in support of his re-election, encouraging voters (including those dead Chicagoans) to return Obama for a second term.  A couple of days earlier Obama picked up support (wanted or not) from the leaders of Russia, Cuba and Venezuela.  How sweet.  In addition, a recent investigation of his re-election campaign contribution website revealed that 43% of the visitors had foreign IP addresses.  Soliciting or accepting foreign contributions for political elections is a federal offense (although that did not stop wee-Willie Clinton).

Now comes a new investigation of the visitor log to the Whitehouse by Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT), titled A Red Carpet for Radicals at the White HouseAfter combing through millions of documents and Whitehouse visitor log entries, investigators from IPT found that hundreds of visits were from known terrorist groups or terrorist representatives, including those that have:

  • Been designated by the Department of Justice as unindicted co-conspirators in terrorist trials; Extolled Islamic terrorist groups including Hamas and Hizballah;
  • Obstructed terrorist investigations by instructing their followers not to cooperate with law enforcement;
  • Promoted the incendiary conspiratorial allegation that the United States is engaged in a “war against Islam”— a leading tool in recruiting Muslims to carry out acts of terror;
  • Repeatedly claimed that many of the Islamic terrorists convicted since 9-11 were framed by the U.S government as part of an anti-Muslim profiling campaign.

One of the most renown Islamic front groups for terrorism, the Council on American-Islamic Relations or CAIR has had an open door to the Whitehouse since Obama’s election.  Obama and his Secretary of State continue to support the terrorist activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Hamas in the Gaza Strip and other terrorist groups with billions of taxpayer dollars.

WARNING!  If Obama is re-elected America and the world will see Islamic terrorist activity skyrocket at warp speed as they become even more emboldened by their secret admirer in the Whitehouse.  Remember, Obama is an anti-colonialist who disdains America’s past and only seeks to diminish its future and demolish its strength.


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3 Responses to “Obama’s Support”

  1. Bev Cormier Says:

    Gauss you are not a “patriot or a Christian”! You are just another common soul who would sell this country and your amoral core values and principles to the highest bidder, as the modern GOP’s is flagrantly doing. M.R was my gov. (absentee gov., that is) he left this state in debt and MA, during his tenure, was left with the dubious distinction of being “47th” in job creation; but he gave us “Romneycare” and we love it here.

    Oh, on foreign policy? M.R. has already shown that he is incapable of dealing with world leaders; he is not accustomed to listening and practicing the art of diplomacy with others who are not of his ilk. Did you conveniently forget his comments in London during the 2012 Olympic games? Did you forget how he insulted the Palestinians on his visit to Israel? Oh, and did you also forget his ignoring of the press in Poland when one member of his entourage made a foul comment to one? Moreover, our country will be in dire straits if the R/R ticket takes the helm of this ship. The extremist Tea Party hatemonger followers (like yourself) and members of Congress will single-handedly destroy this country to an even greater degree than G.W. BUSH did. Didn’t you watch the debate on foreign policy? I did and M.R.’s performance was terrifying! M.R. failed the presidential leader test, big time!

    Just in case you don’t recognize the symptoms, let me expound on M.R.’s personality type. M.R. has a pathological need to be president and he is devoid of any core convictions that represent the masses. M.R. has a provincial mindset and has no vision outside the realm of his tightly controlled circle. Conversely, President Obama does not (although fiercely competitive and is committed to taking this country down the road it should be traveling), as he is far more grounded, stable and level headed.

    Another fact! Pres. Obama truly cares about the plight of others and M.R. has already demonstrated that he does not. So keep your head buried and suffer the consequences if M.R is elected. Furthermore, “Life can turn on a dime,” and your safety net just may be full of holes for you and your family! A nurse who cares!

  2. Kathy Reb Says:

    Peter exclaimed to Jesus that … “You are the Christ”. Jesus replied to Peter… “Flesh and blood did not reveal this to you but the Holy Spirit did.” Unless the Spirit draw him….. I pray that the Holy Spirit open the eyes of the USA and Obama. Because there is no cure for money power idolitry revenge or hate outside of Jesus Christ.

  3. James Gauss Says:

    Ah, spoken like a true hate-filled Obama supporter. To hell with the truth and the facts, let’s attack the messenger and demean his faith and patriotism. I will not waist my breath to counter you because you are blinded to the truth. “Obama truly cares about the plight of others. . .” Please! He is the most radical supporter of infanticide this country has ever seen. He has been the most devisive president in my lifetime. He loathes capitalism and the free enterprise system that has made America strong. Do you remember when he said that, “The free market system does not work. It never has worked.” A more clearer position of a Marxist has never been said. For the record I have voted for democratic, republican and independent presidential candidates in the past. Sometimes I regreted my choice later. Obama supporters cannot admit their choice in 2008 has been a huge failure.

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