The Great Racist In-Chief

Well, it’s happening folks.  Although you would not know it unless you or your community is experiencing it first-hand.  If you are depending on the major media like CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS and others to cover it, you can forget it.  However, if you are a seeker of truth, you likely know about it.  What is it?  The hush-hush reality of black-on-white (or black on anyone) racial attacks all across the nation.  Thank you Mr. Barack Hussein (racist) Obama.

Now, you would think that having the first “black” man in the Oval Office would bring some stability and reason to racial attacks.  But not with this “divide and conquer” racist in-chief.  He remains conspicuously silent, unless of course he wants to incite the black masses as he did in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman incident.  There, as in other cases involving a white person and a black person, Mr. Obama is quick to fan the flames of racial hatred (without any evidence, of course) and rally his legions of black-on-white hate mongers.  Ah, what a national leader.  Who can resist his charisma?

Not since 1968 does America have the potential of exploding into a full-fledged racial riot from coast to coast as more and more, mostly young blacks, riled with little provocation, are prone to attack the innocent (young and old).  And Mr. Obama just sits back and grins from ear-to-ear his (not so) silent approval.  Racial violence has dramatically increased under Obama’s watch as his justice department turns a blind eye and even exonerated black thugs like the Black Panthers that intimidated voters during the 2008 presidential election in Philadelphia.

Even Obama’s home town of Chicago has erupted into a black thug murder zone where 228 blacks, whites and others have been gunned down relentlessly in the first six months of this year.  In just this year thousands of mostly young black thugs have, without provocation, attacked mostly innocent white folk (young, old, female or children) or “flash mobbed” stores and stolen en mass thousands of dollars worth of merchandise.  Mr. O, he just remain silent and grin from ear-to-ear.  But let one black person in the midst of committing a crime get injured, arrested or justifiably killed in the act of committing a crime and Mr. O gets livid and dives right in with his baseless accusations to fire up the minions of black hate mongers.  No wonder 92% of blacks support his re-election.  To bad only 8% or less are smart enough to see through Obama’s racial charade and divisiveness that threatens America with another all-out race war; one that will, of course, justify the use of martial law right before the elections.  Why else does he remain silent instead of calling for calm and reason?  His only comments have served to prod and stoke the flames of racism.

I feel for the generations of black Americans to come, as well as any American of color, for the stigma, the millstone, if you will, that Obama has hung around their neck.  He has squandered a great opportunity to unify and lead the country forward as one (not that he was ever qualified to lead at all).  But that is what you get when the only qualification you see to hold the highest office of the land is a person’s skin color and not their ability, record of leadership and performance, moral character and beliefs.  It’s a shame that far too many who voted for him and still support him cannot see pass their own biases and have become color-focused instead of color blind.

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2 Responses to “The Great Racist In-Chief”

  1. Clifford R. Wright, Sr. Says:

    Since I was fired from my job in April, by black Human Resources personnel because I voiced my opinion about a black issue, I understand this report first hand. The person that replaced is black.

  2. Clifford R. Wright, Sr. Says:

    [Sorry, hit the wrong button. Didn’t finish comment.]
    Since the Human Resources Department was taken over by black personnel, white people are being fired for any excuse and replaced by blacks, espanics, and orientals. I have seen blacks do things that white are getting fired for—in front of black supervisors—and nothing is said.
    There is an unknown and covert war going on by blacks in the work places. This needs to be brought to the publics attention. A lot of whites see this on the job and the fear of losing their job prevents them from saying anything—because the Human Resource Department is black and will not do anything about it.
    Thanks Jim,

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