America Slips into Totalitarianism

With the upholding of the “Obamacare” health care law by the U.S. Supreme Court, America, the once proud United States of America, has officially become a totalitarian state, one where individual and state’s rights no longer matter.  The federal legislative branch, the autonomy of state governments and the will and rights of the people have been deemed irrelevant and of no account.  America is now ruled by a tyrannical dictator who rules by Executive Order and Executive Privilege; Congress (the law making body) be “damned.”

With Chief Justice Roberts rolling over and playing dead to the conservative cause, the highest court in the land continues its judicial activism, supporting America’s descent into tyranny.  It does not matter that the wide majority of Americans see Obamacare as an outright assault on their right to individual choice.  It does not matter that numerous private audits of the cost of this gigantic federal power overreach have proven that it will cost trillions more than the “official” Obama administration estimate.  It does not matter that the cost of insurance for families and small businesses will skyrocket.  It does not matter that thousands of small businesses will be forced to close or dramatically downsize.  It does not matter that thousands of doctors are planning on leaving their profession because of it.  It does not matter that the regulations within Obamacare are oppressive and regressive.  It does not matter, above all, that the whole law and its conception are a CLEAR violation of the U.S. Constitution; individual and states rights.  IT JUST DOES NOT MATTER!  You, a U.S. citizen, just do not matter anymore.  America now sits under a dictatorial government; a “kingship” if you need to know.

Oh, I know there are still millions of Americans who see the paternalistic government as their “salvation” and perhaps their only hope.  But, the truth is, in exchange for this false salvation, you must give up another segment of your freedom.  And, Americans are giving up their freedom at such an alarming rate, that the America I grew up in 50+ years ago, during what Tom Brokaw referred to as “The Greatest Generation” no longer exists.  Once the freedom-knowledgeable World War II generation and their children are no longer around, the tyrannical leaders will have their way because the younger generations have been programmed for decades to accept tyranny.

It would be one thing if the sole example of this tyranny were Obamacare, but it is just one of many nails slammed into freedom’s coffin by this administration and its cheerleaders.  One must take into account the heavy-handedness of the Obama Justice Department in ruling against or coming against states like Arizona, Florida, Virginia and many others who have the audacity to exercise their state’s rights and right to protect their own citizens from harm, voter fraud and a sundry of other ills perpetrated by the king of D.C.

Then there is the continuous assault on the Second Amendment (the right to bear arms) that is the cornerstone of this tyrannical government.  The First and Fourteenth amendment are also under attack by a president that believes that the Constitution is outdated and fluid and must be interpreted according to his whims and desires and not according to the law.  Obama has proven time and again that he disdains the law of the land and overlooks or ignores it completely.  He is, of course, above the law and the supreme authority in interpreting it.  Why else would he keep ALL of his past under lock and key and spend millions to send lawyers across the land to make sure no one has access to his records that just might shed light on the “One” who nobody knows or seems to care to know except those who voted him in because of his skin color.  The rest of the citizenry who did not vote for him, of course, were clearly racists and not intelligent human beings who saw through his political charade.

To complete the tyrannical overreach, there is the passage (while you were sleeping) of the National Defense Authorization Act late last December that gives the king unmitigated authority to arrest, detain and imprison without trial, just about anyone he wants or suspects of being a terrorist threat.  This, of course, includes anyone he deems a threat to his warped view of America and his minions of socialists.  To add to his control he had to upgrade by Executive Order the need for martial law in event that things do not go his way during “peace” time.

Let’s not forget that he promised the Russian leaders that he would have more “flexibility” to meet their needs after he is re-elected.

America, you have been clearly forwarned.  Obama and his ilk have been so out front with their agenda, that you will have no excuse on what you will receive if you re-elect this tyrant and his supporting staff again.  You can whine all you want, but the die will be cast.

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