America’s Financial Armageddon

I am but a small voice in a vast wilderness of political opinion.  Although there are many far more eloquent and informed than myself who have been blowing the trumpet of warning for years, the trumpet blast continues to fall upon the deaf ears of politicians and U.S. citizens.  Truthfully, I wish there was some encouraging news I could write about when it comes to the secular world in which we live.  However, the truth is not very pleasant; not many really want to hear it or do anything about it.  But the great United States of America is rapidly advancing toward a financial Armageddon; one that the vast majority of Americans are woefully unaware and unprepared for and thus will suffer great personal consequences. All of the following facts and figures that are presented below come from the U.S. Debt Clock website as of today’s date at roughly 10:00 AM CDT.

The United States currently has an estimated population of 313,386,491 residents, of which 113,431,085 are listed as taxpayers.  The U.S. workforce is approximately 141,541,999 people.   Of this potential or working number, the official number of unemployed is 12,842,658 or 9.0% (I know the Feds said March’s figure was 8.2%).  However, the actual number of unemployed is 22,735,256 or 16.06%.  How much you want to bet that by this fall the Obama Fed will be tweaking the numbers so that unemployment will be under 8% or maybe even 7.5%?

Thanks to the generosity of Obama with the tax dollars of hardworking citizens, there are now 46,809,348 Americans receiving food stamps or about 15% of the population.  Now, I understand the need for the program and for many individuals and families it is essential during tough times.  But if Obama and team would spend as much effort in creating real jobs instead of adding numbers on the dole, maybe more Americans would feel better about themselves and their future.

Now, let’s talk debt, national and personal.  Everyone, from Congress to the news media to the general public is focused on the U.S. National Debt, which stands at $15.673 trillion.  That comes to $50,000/citizen or $138,216/taxpayer.  Along with that is the fact that we are currently running on a $1.3 trillion budget deficit.  I might add that Obama is the only president in my lifetime who has run the country without a budget all four years of his administration.  Absolutely incredible!!!  The U.S. national debt now exceeds the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) by 103.65%.  This is not sustainable folks and only spells disaster ahead, REAL SOON.  The interest alone on all U.S. debt is $3.794 trillion or over $12,000/citizen.

Now, let us look at the numbers behind the numbers that virtually no one wants to talk about.  The TOTAL U.S. DEBT is really $57.335 trillion.  This is a financial hole the United States will never get out of unless it declares bankruptcy or sells all its assets to foreigners.  This total debt if placed upon each U.S. citizen would burden them with $182,948 each or $691,624/family.  The average savings account for U.S. families is a pitiful $6,056.  The vast majority of Americans have very little or no savings at all and could not make it 30 days without income of some sort.  Total personal debt of U.S. citizens comes to $50,925 each or $15.959 trillion for all Americans.

Sadly, that is not the end or limit of the financial woes of the United States.  When one looks at the “unfunded liabilities” or the “promised” payouts the federal government is obligated for, such as Social Security, Prescription Drugs and Medicare, the total potential debt that the United States is weighed under by comes to a mind-boggling $118.5 trillion or over one million dollars per taxpayer.  With total U.S. assets listed at an estimated $83 trillion, you can readily see where we are headed.

So, with all this knowledge of the fiscal disaster ahead what are Congress and the president doing to avert it or modify its potential impact?   NOTHING!!!!  Oh, wait a minute, I’m sorry, they ARE doing something.

  • NOT passing a balanced budget OR any budget.
  • NOT passing a balanced budget amendment.
  • NOT allowing us to drill for our own oil and become energy independent.
  • Heaping more debt upon business and taxpayers with more government programs and spending.
  • Passing JOB KILLING legislation.
  • Putting more financial burdens on the states.
  • Sending billions in taxpayer monies abroad to Muslim terrorist groups.
  • Supporting oil drilling off shore IN Brazil.
  • Sending hundreds of millions to build up the economy IN Kenya (go figure).
  • Selling U.S. assets to foreigners, including China.  Well, we do owe them a lot of money and they will demand more from us.
  • Giving oil rich Alaskan islands to Russia (even though they did not ask for them).
  • Hiring more lecherous government workers who make 50% or more than civilian workers in similar jobs.
  • Congressman and the president and his administration enriching their own pockets while Americans sacrifice for every penny.
  • How about the thousands of “shovel ready” jobs that Obama’s $.75 trillion stimulus created for CHINESE WORKERS who are building or rebuilding much of the U.S. infrastructure because they can do it cheaper.
  • Or, how about the millions Obama is spending to improve the economy of LIBYA.
  • Oh, and let us not forget the president and his family’s numerous multi-million dollar vacations and other junkets as he thumbs his nose at the plight of his “fellow” Americans.

I could go on almost endlessly, but I hope you get the point and remember the point come voting time in November.

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