The End of Obama’s First Term

As President Barack Hussein Obama’s first term in office comes to an end, what words and phrases would you use to describe it?

Allegiance (to America; American ideals and its people)?  Democratic (in leadership, actions, laws and justice)?  Exemplary (in words and deeds)?    Fair (to all concerned)?  Honest (and forthright in all his dealings and disclosures)?   Justice  (for all or just those of like color or philosophy)? Truthful (as in being forthright with the American people)?  Unifying (the country and its people)?  Trustworthy (in his dealings at home and abroad)?  Prudent (in his decisions and use of taxpayer monies and resources)?  Loyal and Patriotic (to American ideals and the Constitution upon which they are based)?

Or . . .

Or, would you likely use other words to describe his character, beliefs and actions during his first term in office?  Of course, your defining thoughts may be guided by your political, religious or philosophical leanings, or maybe by a “I just don’t care” attitude.  But sticking one’s head in the political sand does not deny what is transpiring in our country.  As I have stated before, I am not as concerned about our top leader’s political affiliations (unless they are totally moronic or anti-American), ethnic background or skin color as I am about the fruit that they bear.

From where I sit and through careful observation of Mr. Obama even before his election to the highest leadership post in the land, I have some very choice words to describe the fruit he has borne so far.  These descriptive words to describe Mr. Obama and his presidency are not necessarily in order of importance or intensity or the type of fruit borne, but rather as they simply come to mind.

The first that pops into my mind is, Treasonous.  Our president’s disclosure of Israel’s potential war plans (and therefore ours) to Iran and the world was not only treasonous but potentially life-threatening to both Israel, America and others.  His willingness to give away oil-rich Alaskan islands to the Russians (even though they did not ask for them) for nothing would also fall into that category.  Then there is the infamous “open mic” dealings with Russia to destroy our missile defense system, both current and proposed.  Oh, and let’s not forget his willingness to unilaterally and dramatically reduce our military and nuclear weapons as our enemies (yes, enemies), China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and others are rapidly ramping up their offensive forces, technology and fire power.

Dishonest would have to be another word I would use to describe our commander-in-chief.  “The One” who promised an open administration, one that would faithfully disclose the inner workings of his administration, has been one of the most secretive, lying and deceptive leaders of our government in recent history.  Obama and his “czars” have been caught in so many lies to the public and Congress that everyone has given up keeping count.

President “O” has proven time and again that he is perhaps the most Disloyal president in USA history.  Even his wife is “embarrassed” about America.  He claims America is not a “Christian” nation (ignoring the fact that nearly 80% of Americans claim to be Christian), but at the same time claims before the Muslim world that America is one of the largest Muslim nations in the world, despite the fact that the U.S. has only an estimated six million Muslims (or 0.6% of the population) which would put the U.S. at near the bottom of Muslim-populated countries.

While Obama seems to be indifferent to saluting the American flag or reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, the fact is he does not set the expected standard of a U.S. president or the military commander-in-chief.

During his campaign for the coveted office of president, Obama portrayed himself as the great unifier.  However, his performance since the day he took office has demonstrated time and again that he is the most Divisive president in modern times.  He never misses an opportunity to jump into a public fray (even before the facts are known) to pit black or other minorities against white Americans.  The most recent, of course, is the tragic Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman situation where he readily jumped in on the side of Martin without any facts, saying (disingenuously) that if he had a son he would look like Martin.  This, of course, gave every black leader and black citizen the justification they needed to lead the charge of racism and division, just what “O” wanted and knew would happen.  The question is:  Where is Mr. O’s outrage when whites are indiscriminately raped, tortured and murdered by blacks as a young white couple was in Tennessee?  Only silence from him then.  The truth is that Obama never misses an opportunity to pit one segment of the population against another.  Even in his campaign for re-election, his website aired a video appealing “only” to blacks to re-elect “their” black leader.  Shameful!!

And then there is still the uncertainty of who the person sitting in the Oval Office really is and where he was born.  Fraudulent is still the primary term used to describe his past and current documentation.  He is perhaps the only president who has completely sealed the records to his past.  Why?  What’s the big secret?  What is he hiding?  Why is the mass media complicit with this suspected cover-up?  Why did the Democratic National Committee and Nancy Pelosi forge his eligibility documents that were sent to every secretary of state in all 50 states before the 2008 election?  Why, despite numerous private investigations and disclosure of fraud and criminal activity on Obama’s or the part of his accomplices are the courts and media ignoring every aspect of his past and current fraudulent activities?

Larcenous?  Unfortunately Obama does not stand alone here.  He and the entire Congress and those that preceded him and them should be charged with Grand Theft Larceny for all the futures they have stolen from the American people and their progeny.  The careless and reckless squandering of taxpayer monies and U.S. resources is nothing short of criminal and unforgivable. 

It is a shame that the first president of color, the “historical” president; the man of the people, turns out to be a hard-core Racist.  Yes, racist!  Obama has turned out to be the most polarizing president in recent history; pitting rich against poor; business against labor; blacks and other minorities against whites; young against old; abortionists against pro-lifers and on and on the list goes.  Wherever he can find a way to divide and conquer, there he is fomenting discord and unrest.

Perhaps the most precise word to describe his administration so far would be Corrupt.  How else would you describe an Obama Attorney General (Eric Holder) who thinks he is above the law and can use it to persecute anyone he wants, such as two high-profile persecutions against pro-life advocates that Holder pursued relentlessly without any proof of wrong-doing.  Fortunately, the respective judges in each case throughout the cases and admonished Holder’s justice department for wasting taxpayer monies on groundless pursuits.  And then there is the infamous “Fast and Furious” where Holder has been stonewalling Congress and its investigation into wrong doing for well over a year, refusing to release thousands of pages of potentially incriminating documents that likely would indict him, his staff and the president.  Corrupt?  Naw, just Chicago-style politics as usual.  What can you expect from a man who was schooled by the best in deception and strong-arm tactics?

A citizen/voter in the United States would have to be deaf, blind and dumb or living in a cocoon to not clearly see and understand that Obama has clearly defined himself in rhetoric and practice as a Socialist/Marxist.  Virtually the entire world knows it, so only those in America who are in an entire state of denial or resignation, still ignore the facts.  His life-long associations of the past and present and his cabinet that is chock full of people of like philosophy speak volumes of where he intends to take America—into the pits of socialist hell and beyond.

Obama’s recent comments about the Supreme Court, challenging their authority to overturn Obamacare and his comments on national television a couple of years ago that the Constitution restricted his ability to do what he really wanted to do, shows that he has a true Totalitarian mindset and intent.  He has stated (even before his election) that the U.S. Constitution is a flawed document and unnecessarily restricts his “redistribution” of wealth socialist philosophy.  He really believes that he knows better than the collective wisdom of the Founding Fathers who experienced the tyranny of Britain and wanted to make sure it never happened in the America they envisioned for themselves and those that came after them.  But, 236 years since the Declaration of Independence, America is in real danger of falling under the spell of a tyrannical/dictatorial leader.

Although Democrats and liberals rarely see an expansion of government, spending or taxes they cannot fully embrace, the reality is that virtually every Obama policy enacted since he took office and every Executive Order issued, spells doom for America’s future.  Once again, he is the most Treacherous person in power that this country has ever seen and will regret for having elected.

To get what he wants, Obama has demonstrated his Patronizing skills.  He will say whatever he thinks you want to hear to get you to believe him or support his ideals.  He will lie, scheme, flatter, pander, cajole, whatever it takes to get his way through deceptive oratory or secretive, behind closed doors negotiations.

Mr. Obama thinks well of himself, as well he should.  He has accomplished a lot even though by all accounts he was an unexceptional college student.  But Obama crosses that fine line to being more of a Narcissist, someone who is Self-absorbed, thinking that he is superior; the all-wise one who ignores council; ignores Congress; the courts, the Constitution.  He knows best.  He’s the all-knowing one.  Wisdom and council be damned.

Then there is the issue of his faith, whatever it may be.  He claims to be a “Christian” but his words and deeds clearly show that, not only does he not know what that requires of him, but that his words and deeds clearly speak volumes of a man who outright Anti-Christian as well as Anti-Jew and Anti-Israel.  He can more readily quote the Qur’an than he can the Bible.  He honors Muslims at the Whitehouse during Ramadan and other Muslim holy days but spurns the traditional National Day of Prayer that presidents have honored for centuries.  He bows before Muslim princes and leaders but turns away Christian and Jewish leaders, often with disparaging remarks or ridicule.  His desire to continue to see millions of babies murdered in and outside the womb speak loudly about his lack of true faith and support for all life.  Despite his press secretaries denials to the contrary, Obama has shown repeatedly that, if he is not a Muslim in sheep’s clothing, he is by far a Muslim sympathizer.   He repeatedly stands up for Islam while denigrating Christians and Jews.  He ignores the murders of thousands of Christians and Jews worldwide while giving Hamas and other outright Muslim terrorists hundreds of million of dollars to support their ongoing terroristic pursuits.

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4 Responses to “The End of Obama’s First Term”

  1. Richard Says:

    Your whole article has no credibility with me. Really, you continue to post the flipped photo of The POTUS with his hand over his right side? So when did the US Marines start wearing their medals and ribbions on the R/side of their chest?
    So busted!

  2. James Gauss Says:

    The photo is not “flipped” and where do you see any U.S. Marines in the photo. Open your eyes to America’s first “traitor-in-chief”.

  3. Richard Says:

    Hmmmmm, I thought I left you a reply.
    Perhaps I failed to send it.
    Oh yeah I made a mistake there are two members of the USMC in the photo.

  4. America in Crisis | James F. Gauss' Blog Says:

    […] Unfortunately, at a time when America needs a strong leader of unprecedented character, it has a two-term self-absorbed, narcissistic leader who cannot and will not lead—but will never […]

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