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The Qur’an, Islam’s “Mighty Book”

April 25, 2012

The Holy Book the Muslims DO NOT Believe

“… if the Muslim rejects the Bible,” wrote Gnana Pragash Suresh, a priest for the Society of St. Pius X in Southern Africa, “he must also reject the Qur’an because it appeals to the Bible as God’s Word. On the other hand, if he accepts the Bible, he still must reject the Qur’an because it contradicts the Bible.”

“… the [Qur’an] is difficult to use as a historical source,” wrote Islamic scholar Professor Patricia Crone of Princeton University.  “The roots of this difficulty include unresolved questions about how it reached its classical form, and the fact that it still is not available in a scholarly edition.

“Modern scholars,” Crone continued, “usually assure themselves that since the Qur’an was recited from the start, we can rely on the oral tradition to supply us with the correct reading. But there is often considerable disagreement in the tradition ….” (more…)

America’s Financial Armageddon

April 19, 2012

I am but a small voice in a vast wilderness of political opinion.  Although there are many far more eloquent and informed than myself who have been blowing the trumpet of warning for years, the trumpet blast continues to fall upon the deaf ears of politicians and U.S. citizens.  Truthfully, I wish there was some encouraging news I could write about when it comes to the secular world in which we live.  However, the truth is not very pleasant; not many really want to hear it or do anything about it.  But the great United States of America is rapidly advancing toward a financial Armageddon; one that the vast majority of Americans are woefully unaware and unprepared for and thus will suffer great personal consequences. (more…)

The End of Obama’s First Term

April 10, 2012

As President Barack Hussein Obama’s first term in office comes to an end, what words and phrases would you use to describe it?

Allegiance (to America; American ideals and its people)?  Democratic (in leadership, actions, laws and justice)?  Exemplary (in words and deeds)?    Fair (to all concerned)?  Honest (and forthright in all his dealings and disclosures)?   Justice  (for all or just those of like color or philosophy)? Truthful (as in being forthright with the American people)?  Unifying (the country and its people)?  Trustworthy (in his dealings at home and abroad)?  Prudent (in his decisions and use of taxpayer monies and resources)?  Loyal and Patriotic (to American ideals and the Constitution upon which they are based)?

Or . . .