Where is the American Outrage?

Where is the outrage in America?  As our soldiers and civilians are murdered over the accidental burning of some books our president is spending his energy in weak-kneed cow-tailing to the Muslim world like a whimpering dog with his tail between his legs.  How cowardly; how treasonous.  While Obama, Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, General John Allen and other cowardly members of the president’s administration are on an apology/appeasement concession to radical Muslims worldwide, Muslims get the stamp of approval for their barbarous acts.  So a few hate-filled Qur’ans were burned.  So what.  In 2009 the U.S. military burnt Bibles for fear that their presence in Afghanistan might offend Muslims.  No one, including Obama or the military apologized to the soldiers, Christians or anyone else.  Nor did those whose Bibles were burned rise up in indignation and riot and kill anyone.

So, where is the outrage from our president (the “Commander-in-Chief”) and the head of the military in Afghanistan over the murders of Americans who are there to bring “stability” to a savage nation and people?  Where is the outrage and demand for justice for those murdered?  Where is the demand that the president of Afghanistan get his people under control instead of letting them run rampant with no consequences?  Where is the justice?  Do not expect it to come from this traitorous president.  The “one” who has never met a Muslim terrorist he did not desire to appease or bow to.

More importantly, where is the outrage from the American people over this treasonous act by our “leader”?  Since when is the burning of a book, any book, worth the life of a human being?  Americans should be marching on the Whitehouse by the tens of millions demanding his impeachment.  While our brave men are being murdered over this “inadvertent” incident, as the president has called it, he promises to his Muslim brethren that those responsible will be brought to justice.  Justice?  What justice?  An “inadvertent” act is just that.  Inadvertant!!!  That means it was an unfortunate mistake; no ill intent.  Whereas the murder of innocent people, both military and civilians, is not and was not “inadvertent”, it is intentional and barbaric.  But no call for “justice” there from the president.

I never thought I would see the day when a president of the great United States of America would betray his office as commander-in-chief and his sworn duty to protect the citizens of the U.S. and uphold the Constitution.  But this president is without any shadow of doubt a traitor to the people of the United States; “one who betrays another’s trust or is false to an obligation or duty” (Webster’s Dictionary).

Our brave, sacrificing soldiers are being betrayed by Obama and his administration.  While our soldiers are being assasinated over the burning of a book, Obama sent a long concilitory letter to Afghan President Karzai that he refuses to release to the press and has promised that the soldiers responsibile for this “inadvertent” act (as Obama calls it) will meet swift “justice”.  At the same time, NATO leaders and Karzai are calling for the U.S. to hand over the soldiers to face Sharia “justice”.  Obama, to date, has not refused to do so.  The penalty for burning the Qur’an under Sharia law is death.

Oh, and while these nice people in Afghanistan are murdering our troops over the burning of their evil religious book, the president is rewarding the murderous Muslims at Guantanamo with a new $750,000 soccer field” with taxpayer money of course.


Wake up Americans!  This imposter in the Whitehouse, of whom we know nothing, is out to destroy America one degree at a time, just like the proverbial frog in water heated oh so slowly that he does not know he is being cooked.

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