Georgia Judge Loses Nerve

On January 26, Georgia administrative law judge, Michael Malihi, conducted a hearing in his Atlanta courtroom on the eligibility of President Obama to be on the Georgia 2012 presidential election ballot.  Under Georgia law each candidate for office must prove his or her eligibility.  The issue at hand for those running for president of the United States is that each such candidate, according to the U.S. Constitution must be a “natural-born citizen”, that is, born of parents who are themselves citizens of the United States.  The contention of the plaintiffs in the Georgia case were that by Obama’s own admission and as stated on the birth certificate that he presented online to the public in April, 2011, his father was a citizen of Kenya and a subject of the United Kingdom.

In an outright display of arrogance and disregard for Georgia law and despite judge Malihi’s subpoena of President Obama and his attorney, Michael Jablonsky to appear before him on January 26, Mr. Jablonski informed the judge and the Georgia Secretary of State, Brian Kemp, that they would not participate in the hearing.  Kemp warned Jablonski that if neither he or his client appeared before judge Malihi, that they would be doing so at Obama’s peril.

I watched the entire proceedings that was broadcasted via the Internet.  Not surprisingly, no national or local media were on the scene or in the courtroom.  If this were a hearing to determine a Republican candidate’s eligibility to run for office, the courtroom would not have been large enough to hold all the liberal media crews.

Several plaintiffs from Georgia represented by their attorneys requested the hearing based on their contention that Obama is not eligible to be on the Georgia 2012 ballot because he has not proven himself to be a natural-born citizen.  The attorneys and various professionals presented convincing evidence that not only does President Obama not meet such eligibility requirements but that the “birth certificate” he offered the public last April was a forgery and that he is using several Social Security numbers, none of which are his.  You can read Bob Unruh’s report on the hearing here.  No evidence was, of course, presented by Jablonski in his client’s defense.  Normally, if an attorney and his client refuse to show up for a hearing, a contempt citation is issued by the judge.  Malihi refused to do so despite such a request from plaintiffs’ attorneys.

On February 3, eight days after the hearing, judge Malihi issued is ruling in favor of Obama.  Despite convincing and unopposed evidence from plaintiff attorneys; despite a contempt of court; despite ignoring the judge and his court, Malihi ruled for Obama, apparently completely ignoring all the evidence presented on behalf of the several plaintiffs.  Did Malihi make a fair determination?  Did he lose his nerve to rule against a sitting president?  Or did someone from Obama’s team get to him?  Time will tell.  The Georgia Secretary of State can, if he chooses, review the judge’s decision to determine if it was a just decision based on the merits of the case.


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