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American Suicide

May 3, 2010

American Suicide

James F. Gauss



It’s hard to know where it all began,

The demoralization of this land.

Was it the statesmen elected to serve?

Or was it the preachers who lost their nerve?

Was it the people who were so blindly led?

Or was it the educators in what they said?

Was it the judiciary so liberalized?

Or was it justice that closed its eyes?

Whomever the source, whatever their reason,

For American survival it’s open season.

It’s hard to know when it all began,

Was it when prayer left our land?

Was it when we got tired of one more kid,

And murdered the innocent like Hitler did?

Or was it when the church winked at sin,

And invited the unrepentant sinner in?

Was it when the judges struck God from the land?

Or was it when Congress gave them the upper hand?

Was it when educators taught our kids wrong is right?

Or was it when parents let their children out of sight?

It’s hard to know at whom the finger is pointed,

With the land so fractured and disjointed.

Is it the Congressman who gives our money away?

Or the greedy businessman that sends our jobs to Taipei?

Is it the teacher who gets our youth way off base?

Or the preacher who becomes a moral disgrace?

Is it the judge who lets a criminal slip on by?

Or the banker who charges interest too high?

Is it the American who buys nothing but Chinese,

Then wonders why his job goes blowing in the breeze?

Whenever it was; whoever is to blame,

The end result will still be the same.

A country with no morals, no firm place to stand,

Its face turned from God, will no longer be grand.

America for sure is headed on a suicidal bent,

It has forgotten what civility and justice meant.

There’s no way off a slope this slippery,

Unless, of course, we come to agree,

Our only way out is repentance, you see.

A genuine reversal to set us free,

To be the country God meant us to be.