Islam & Christianity

A Revealing Contrast


Americans are bombarded daily with conflicting commentary on the relativity of Islam to Christianity and the debate between Islam as a peaceful religion to one of terror and bloodshed. If we are to take these issues before us and deal with them responsibly, we must not only be informed of what is being presented to the world, but we must also be well-informed on the truth behind this fast-growing religion. To stick our heads in the sand and just take everything at face value may come at great cost, not only in our earthly future, but when we stand before the throne of Christ. As responsible Christians, we have the privilege and responsibility to stay engaged in what is taking place around us and seeing that God’s Kingdom continues to move forward.
There is an abundance of information grabbing for our attention in the world on the topic of Islam, as well as numerous different slants and opinions. To be valid in the life of a Christian, God’s Word must be held up as the comparison, the element that, if you will, “tips the scale” towards what is true. Without this mirror, one is left defenseless in discerning what they read and hear through the media, and much less effective when trying to pray for and explain the truth of the gospel to a Muslim. With the fast-moving world we live in today, none of us are exempt from the issue at hand. We hear it on the news, read it in the paper or as we are sharing car pools and PTA meetings with Muslims in our own community. To take the Great Commission seriously, we must know what we believe, what the world believes and how to share truth with them, when the opportunity arises.
Many within the Islamic faith do not totally know what they believe; they take everything at face value, but find their hearts empty and searching. My visits to the Middle East have brought me in contact with Christians who were former Muslims and who have shared how empty they felt, and knew that their faith was not meeting their needs. It was only after they were introduced to the truth of the gospel message that they were able to see what they were longing for. These living examples give even more relevance that we must be students of not only God’s Word, but also understand what the Muslim faith professes, that we may present the truth of God’s Word to them, holding it in contrast to their holy book, the Koran. It is up to God to do the rest; our part is to be informed and ready to share when the opportunity arises.
Dr. Gauss has presented an effective resource in Islam and Christianity for the average reader. Here you will find many of the issues addressed that are forefront in the minds of Muslims, comparing clearly the lives and ministry of Christ with that of Muhammad. God’s Word is clearly compared with the Koran and gives you a hands-on resource to use in your witness, as well as in your prayer life for the Muslim world.
As Christians, we understand that the root we must recognize is not social, political or economic, but it is spiritual. May this book assist you in standing with God in bringing many locked in darkness into His marvelous light.

Dr. Tom White, Director
The Voice of the Martyrs

Bridge-Logos Publishers, 2009.

Available through your local bookstore or online bookstores worldwide.



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One Response to “Islam & Christianity”

  1. Walter Says:

    Dr. Gauss, I just finished your book “Islam and Christianity.” I was familiar with the evils of Islam for a long time thanks to Joel Richardson’s work “The Islamic Antichrist” and hearing testimonies from “The Voice of the Martyrs.” Your work was so comprehensive that it gave me a fuller understanding on the mind of the Muslim. I found it supplemented Richardson’s work nicely.

    Joel did a great job in showing how Islam will likely be the framework of the Antichrist. You did a great job in showing WHY. God bless you, and thank you for having the courage to stand up to the Politically Correct Nonsense and telling the truth.

    Your brother in Christ,

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