Disappearing Western Society

Abortion, homosexuality and Islam: what do they all have in common?  They are three 21st Century forces that are rapidly changing the demographics and culture of Western society.

Change is coming, but it is not the type of change that most in Europe, North America, Australia or even Russia are looking for in the near future.

Islam is rapidly expanding its influence worldwide.  Not through the old tactics of barbaric warfare but through migration and high fertility.  Muslims are rapidly replacing the native populations of the countries that they are immigrating to.  For countries who look to Christian ideals and values, Christianity and Islam are on a collision course with diametrically opposed objectives.

In 2007 alone, Release International, estimated that 250 million Christians faced persecution simply for being Christian, and most of the persecution came from Muslims around the world.  So why is Islam growing so rapidly?  Is it because its tenets of faith are so compelling and attractive?  Because of charismatic and loving leaders?  Or that it has all the answers that mankind is seeking?  No, it is expanding because the fertility rate among Muslims is among the highest in the world.  At the same time, the fertility rate among non-Muslims and principally in Australia, Russia, all European countries, Canada and the United States has fallen below the required replacement birth rate of 2.11 children per woman.

According to the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) World Factbook the 2009 estimated fertility rate among most Muslim countries far exceeds the required replacement rate.  Of the top 50 countries with very high fertility rates, 30 are countries with Muslim populations of 50-100%.  Number one on the list is the Muslim country of Niger (91% Muslim) which has a fertility rate of 7.75, almost four times the replacement rate.

In addition, 14 more countries in the top 50 have Muslim populations of 10-36%.  In total, there are 48 countries with Muslim populations of 50% or more that have birth rates that exceed 2.11 births per woman.

It is notable that there is not one Westernized country in the world that has a replacement birth rate – all are below 2.11.  Only the Latin American countries in the Western Hemisphere have replacement birth rates.  Most of the European Union countries are dying out, with birth rates far below 2.11.  Some countries, such as Germany (1.41), Austria (1.39), Greece (1.37), Italy (1.31), Spain (1.31) and several others are beyond recovering their former ethnic populations.  Others, like France, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium and Portugal are rapidly trending to non-native ethnic populations.  The average replacement birth rate for all European Union countries is only 1.51 – a rate that can not sustain the native populations.  Within the next 50 years, Muslims will dominate the culture, religion and politics of most of Europe.

To make things worse – for the West, that is – except for former Russian satellite countries, abortion rates among Muslim countries is minuscule.  By comparison, Russia, with a fertility rate of only 1.41, sacrifices 52% of pregnancies to abortion.  Many English-speaking countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom abort over 20% of pregnancies.

A third factor in the decline of Western civilizations is the ever-increasing popularity and general public approval of homosexual relationships.  Such sexual orientation, while not completely absent in Muslim societies, is rare, strictly forbidden and often results in a prescribed death of the practitioner.

With the continued focus in the West of personal fulfillment, prosperity and sexual freedom, hopes for the recovery of a Judeo-Christian Western society appear dim.

Source: https://ampatriot.wordpress.com


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