Politicians’ AIG Outrage Rings Hollow

I’m not sure what is more sickening, the audacity of AIG in the midst of near bankruptcy to pay out $165 million in bonuses, or the politicians in Washington falling all over themselves rushing to the podium to proclaim their outrage over such bonuses.

Where was their outrage when they were freely using taxpayer billions to bailout the mis-managed corporate money-grabbers?  Where was their outrage when they gladly accepted their automatic raises as a reward for leading this country into the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression?

It has been stated repeatedly that American taxpayers now own 80% of AIG.  Oh, really!  And who asked us if we wanted to buy such a corrupt, poorly managed company?  Where’s our certificate of ownership?  And exactly what dividends will this choice investment pay us to help offset the trillions we have lost in the stock market, the housing market and in future income options?  What financial returns will our children, grandchildren, great granchildren and beyond receive for bailing out AIG, GM, Citi Bank and a countless number of other greedy, reticent-to-change corporate giants who shipped our jobs overseas?  Now this IS OUTRAGE!!!

Let these folks go the route of past corporations who misused and bilked the U.S. public.  Sure, we’ll lose jobs in the short-run, but maybe, just maybe a few lessons will be learned along the way about corporate fiduciary responsibility and a commitment to employees and the American consumer.  And, just maybe a return to good old fashion corporate American patriotism.  American history has well documented that when businesses fail for whatever reason, another with often better ideas and better products takes its place.

Let the failures fail.  Those who fail, fail for a reason.  Those who succeed, succeed for a reason.  Thanks to misguided politicians with a perceived unlimited supply of our tax dollars and those of generations to come, we are creating a culture of failure at every level in American society.

It’s not only sickening, it’s outrageous!

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