The Fast Track to Socialism

Change we can believe in?  How about change that once it’s completed will leave us with a country we do not recognize?  By the time Obama and his Democratic demogogues are finished, America will be stripped of its Constitutional freedoms and sovereignty.


Agreed, America was bankrupt – financially, morally and spiritually – before President Obama took office.  However, since his inauguration, he and his Democratic cohorts are moving with all due haste to destroy what is left of the USA.  Whether knowingly or cleverly planned, every move he has made has put another nail in the once great country’s coffin.

The near trillion dollar “stimulus” package has been shredded by just about every economist and financial analyst as a pork barrel disaster that will do very little to re-employ Americans or stimulate the economy.  But it will widely spread the reach of government and entitlement programs and give the federal government more unconstitutional control of the states – an extensive socialist reach.

Not only are we borrowing from our enemies (read: China and Arab nations) to patch our sinking ship, but today it has been disclosed one more time that we are actually turning around and spending hundreds of millions in supporting Islamic terrorist causes.  It has been disclosed that the U.S. is secretly training Pakistani troops – you know, the ones who represent the second largest Muslim nation in the world; the only one currently with a nuclear arsenal and provide the comfortable home to the Taliban and al-Qaida – and the new Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, announced today that the grand old U.S. is pledging to provide the Palestinians with $900 million to rebuild Gaza so they can hurl more rockets at Israel.

If you are not outraged by this point in the Obama presidency, you have no blood left to boil and are being blindly led down the socialist path to patriotic American extinction.


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