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Obama’s Goal of Serfdom

February 27, 2009

It has only been a little over a month since Barack Obama took office as the President of the United States of America.  But already his agenda has been made clear:  Move America into a socialistic serfdom with all due haste. Total dependence on government will be the norm.  Only the federal government has the answers and can solve all of America’s ills and the all too gullible and desperate American electorate hangs on the messiah’s every word of glitz and glimmer. (more…)

A Financial History Lesson

February 24, 2009

Oh, the Yin and the Yang; the Dark and the Light of the stock market.  If your stomach hasn’t churned or your heart pounded through your chest, then my guess is that you have no market exposure.  If so, good for you.  If you are still invested get ready for more heart-throbbing days ahead. (more…)

The Fast Track to Socialism

February 23, 2009

Change we can believe in?  How about change that once it’s completed will leave us with a country we do not recognize?  By the time Obama and his Democratic demogogues are finished, America will be stripped of its Constitutional freedoms and sovereignty.



DOW 6000 Revisited

February 20, 2009

Earlier in the week I wrote about the DOW hitting 6,000 before the end of the year.  For most that is not only unthinkable but it is downright horrifying.  But is it realistic and within the realm of possibility?  Let’s look at the numbers. (more…)

Hyper-Inflation Here We Come

February 20, 2009

It was not long ago that the feds were concerned about a deflationary economy.  But, oh my, how things have changed and so quickly.  Freezes in Florida and a persistent drought in much of California’s edible crops growing area threaten to push up consumer prices on much of the fresh produce as well as processed foods.  And, although oil has been consistantly hovering around $35/barrel, gas and diesel prices continue to rise. (more…)

DOW 6000?

February 17, 2009

The DOW stock market index could be as low as 6,000 by the end of this year.  Sound preposterous?  Not from my perspective.  In fact, that might be conservative.  Right now we are in the worst stock market decline since – well, you know by now – the Great Depression. (more…)

The Late Great USA

February 14, 2009

Am I imagining things or are all the financial idiots living in Washington, DC?  Let me ask you a question:  If you were in personal financial trouble what would you choose to do? A) Borrow more money to pay off your old debt.  B)  Borrow money from your enemies to pay off your debt.  C) Drastically cut yor expenses.  D)  Print as much fake money as you could to pay your debt.  E) Demand your neighbors, friends and relatives pay you for doing nothing to improve their lives. (more…)