Obama is Not America’s Savior

I must confess that I did not vote for President Barack Obama.  It had nothing to do with his race or ethnicity, or even his political party.  My decision not to vote for him was quite simple.  After researching his politics, voting record, accomplishments (or lack thereof) and his moral, philosophical and religious views I determined he was by far not the best person for the job.

Over the years I have voted for Democratic, Independent and Republican presidential candidates based on my perception of the worthiness of sound, wise and moral leadership.  For me, the distressing aspect of the election of Mr. Obama is that it seems the majority of those who voted for him – according to exit polls and other interviews – voted because of his color and charisma and that they wanted to be a part of the history of electing the first person of color to the Whitehouse.  Rarely was it voiced that they voted for him because of his political accomplishments.

Don’t get me wrong.  Now that he has been elected and sworn in as the 44th President of the United States I pray for him to seek God’s wisdom and that he will be blessed with moral and godly insight and conviction.  The reality is that the challenges ahead for this nation are far bigger, complex and challenging than any one person can cope with – far greater, perhaps than any other time in America’s history.

Will he be America’s savior?  No!  Will his charismatic political speeches on the campaign trail to the Whitehouse or his inauguration rallying cry bring forth fruit or just fade away as just so much blather as did that of many who have gone before him?

I would not want his job.  American’s and the world’s expectations for him are far beyond any one person’s capabilities.  For the sake of America’s future I pray he submits to the wisdom of God.  If not, we will continue to head down the darkened path to the abyss – politically, economically, morally and spiritually.

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