Pompous Political Pork

Do you think the politicians in Washington have received the message that our economy is in shambles?  Two million jobs have been lost; 2.2 million foreclosures in 2008; unemployment continues to rise; retirement nest eggs smashed and an estimated $30-plus trillion in market value lost in 2008.

So, how do our elected officials in Congress really view the problem?  They gave themselves a nifty $4,700 pay increase for such good management of the nation’s finances.  Their mute agrument is that it is an automatic 2.8 percent annual increase that they voted in for themselves some time ago.  It would take a new bill to be passed by members of Congress to stop the automatic pay raise.

Would you like a $4,700 pay increase this year?  Don’t hold your breath – unless you are a CEO of a failing company or a Congress member of a failing ship-of-state.  Then you would be handsomely rewarded for your failures in management and fiscal irresponsibility.  Perhaps if you made $169,300 in 2008 like members of Congress, you might be able to “suffer” through a year of no raises.

If you would like to express your opinion to your elected members of Congress, please search this site or a host of others you can Google.

Source: James F. Gauss’ Blog at https://ampatriot.wordpress.com


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