The Duplicity of Outrage

Watching tonight’s national news the lead story was the Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip in an effort to wipe out the Hamas terrorist organization.  Of course, this most recent military activity by Israel – as has all its other incursions – has brought worldwide protest and outrage by Muslims and some non-Muslims.  This outcry of indignation calls for Israel’s defeat or even annihilation, or the call for the Jihad against Israel.  How dare Israel defend itself against the daily rocket attacks, suicide bombings and other acts of terror perpetrated by Hamas and other Islamic terrorists.

Where is the pitched outcry of outrage from Muslims and non-Muslims when Hamas is lobbing thousands of rockets into Israel – even after they gave their word they would not?  Israel has tried desperately to live at peace with its neighbors for decades.  But the majority of its neighbors who are Arab Muslims will not be satisfied until Israel and its Jewish citizens are obliterated from the face of the earth.  Mideast Muslims who hate Israel and all it stands for have broken every peace treaty negotiated since the establishment of the new Israel in 1947.


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One Response to “The Duplicity of Outrage”

  1. Peter C. Says:

    So, what’s new in the world? Isn’t this the umpteenth iteration of this scenario? The ‘leaders’ of the nations will not arrive at a lasting, peaceful settlement. The young men will not.

    Their mothers will.

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